Subracks for high shock and vibration requirements

Feature self-locking fixing screws, special rounded corners and edges and an additional top cover, locking for access protection

Fast path to low-power wireless connectivity

Silicon Labs simplifies Bluetooth Smart design with fully integrated Blue Gecko module

Innovative modelling capabilities for freeform optics

LightTools 8.3 enable users to easily incorporate freeform surfaces in illumination designs to produce optical systems that have increased energy efficiency

Power design tool delivers 20X faster time-based analysis

For system-on-chip design teams to analyse power consumption quickly and accurately during design exploration

Making wireless power accessible to the mass market

IDT’s plug-and-play reference kits enable engineers to integrate wireless charging into product designs in a matter of hours

Rare earth metal foils

Applications for rare earth metal foils include their use in aerospace technology, electronics, electromagnetic shielding, x-ray technology

Hazy polyurethane resin

Electrolube resin proves a hit with French lighting specialist Odeli

Compact HMI with advanced functionality

Display has the ability to display more than 65,000 colours, bringing new levels of realism to screen elements for enhanced usability

On the road with rental expert

Electro Rent Europe to attend leading European exhibitions

Reliable power supplies

Recom introduces new power supply families, the REDIN45 and REDIN60 with 45W and 60W power

Wearable devices set to make ubiquitous connectivity a reality

Service-based models and vertical market partnerships will be crucial to push the technology to the mass market, finds Frost & Sullivan

Transparent conductive films market will reach US$1.2bn in 2025

Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh predicts shakeout then leadership in the $430 million indium tin oxide replacement market

Beating water vapour permeability

Versaperm has introduced a specialist vapour permeability measurement system for electronic enclosures and components

A look into the future of HMIs

Joint project established after a trend study identified and examined the most important areas to consider for successful human machine interaction in manufacturing

A cool solution

Techsil’s heat transfer tapes for thermal management in electronic systems

High brightness TFTs target outdoor environments

Display readability maintained in high levels of ambient light, says LCD manufacturer KOE

Wireless and battery-less energy harvesting switches

Meet demand for simple and flexible wireless data transmission of switch signals with maintenance-free low energy consumption

Developing devices for the Internet of Things

Synergy platform combines qualified software with a new family of MCUs and an ecosystem of tools and support options into one scalable and secure platform


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