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Multicore cable

Hybrid solution combines multiple cable options in single product

Unlocking the value of cross-facility data sets

Martyn Williams examines what companies should expect during their cloud migration

Top 5 problems with human machine interfaces

Seventy-five percent of office workers admit to resorting to physical violence against their computer; the other 25% probably only employed mental abuse. Jonathan Wilkins reports

Fuse is optimal for intrinsically safe applications

Schurter announces VDE and UL approvals for its SMD Fuse with 1500A breaking capacity

The analysis of data

Asian Engineer talks data, statistics and analysis with Minitab’s Michelle Paret

Sealing the deal

Carly Barry reveals how Boston Scientific validates changes to its packaging process

Factory networking unites with IT

Like all marriages, that of fieldbus with IT and/or other fieldbuses is fraught with flare-ups and breakdowns, but ultimately both parties know they have no option but to try and make it work, asserts Boris Sedacca

Sign of the times

Electronics and engineering designers can save time and money with digital signatures

Internet of Things - making every second count

Jonathan Wilkins ponders the Internet of Things concept and what effect it could have on automation processes, such as the repair and replacement of industrial components

Making a smooth operation even smoother

A surgical device maker moved a critical part of its manufacturing process in-house, which meant they needed to make sure their process delivered maximum efficiency and a finished product that met strict quality standards. Eston Martz reports

When the Internet of Things meets Big Data

The ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Big Data’ hold the promise of one big interconnected world that will allow people to harmonise with machines and gadgets. Boris Sedacca investigates whether it is all vapourware or whether there are real life examples in practice

New screen technology behind extra-bright display

Archer 2 hand-held computer suits a wide variety of data collection purposes including industrial and military markets

Getting a grip with data analysis

A tyre and rubber company designed an experiment to solve challenges overcoming a production bottleneck and certifying new tires meet government standards. Eston Martz reports

The Cloud helps to dispel the mist

Cloud-based simulation is a game-changer as it can significantly lower the costs, so making it available to smaller businesses unable to invest in local high performance IT infrastructure. Erwin Burth reports.

Printing in three dimensions

3D printing promises to make short-run parts that are not economic using traditional methods, but potential users must watch out for hype. Lou Reade reports

Recycling everything but the kitchen sink

One manufacturer of building innovation products reduced the amount of landfill waste they generated from 81 million pounds per year to zero. Eston Martz reports

Rugged mobile computers gain ATEX explosion-safe certification

Boost productivity wherever explosive gases and chemical vapours traditionally require workers to perform their jobs using paper-based systems


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