ISO 28500:2009 - a new standard for the WARC file format

ISO 28500:2009 (Information and documentation - WARC file format) will help to ensure that web pages can be archived efficiently for future access

Online configurator for HMI support arms

Rittal is introducing a new online configurator for generating designs and bills of materials for machine interface support arms

Mezzanine board adds two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

Kontron is introducing a new mezzanine board that enables users to add two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to boards with a PMC or XMC slot

Code-reader is configured via web server

A new 1D/2D code reader from Siemens features a web server so that no separate configuration software is required, just a web browser

Geometric constraint solver now supports Nurbs

Version 3.0 of the LGS 2D geometric constraint solver from Ledas benefits from numerous enhancements, including support for Nurbs curves

New standard for testers and reviewers of user documentation

ISO has published ISO/IEC 26513:2009, 'Systems and software engineering - Requirements for testers and reviewers of user documentation'

Squeezable user-interface technology for computer-based applications

A novel user interface has been developed by Cambridge Consultants for controlling computer games and other applications requiring 3D manipulation

Low-cost route to 3D scanning and model reconstruction

Researchers have developed a way of scanning a textured model and building a 3D model in real time using only a standard computer and webcam

Ironcad Next Generation released

Ironcad Version 2009, which is branded as Ironcad Next Generation, is claimed to introduce unrivalled productivity and functionality for 3D CAD

3D geometric constraint solver gains performance enhancements

LEDAS says the new release of its LGS 3D geometric constraint solver provides CAD developers with more functionality and a promise of improved stability

Database of concepts launched by ISO

ISO is providing free access to much of its newly consolidated database of information such as terms and definitions, graphical symbols and units

Wonderware Intelligence software for historical and real-time data

This new software tool from Invensys enables users to contextualise, aggregate and report both historian and operational data using role-based dashboards

VPX computing blade for parallel processing

Kontron is launching the VX6060, an innovative VPX computing blade with two independently implemented Intel Core i7 processing nodes

Node blade and server board offered with six-core Intel processor

Kontron is now offering its AT8050 AdvancedTCA node blade and KTC5520 server board with the newly released six-core Intel Xeon 5600 series processor

3D electromagnetic design tool for rotating electrical machines

Cobham Technical Services is releasing a 3D electromagnetic design tool for rotating electrical machines that benefits from FEA accuracy yet is easy to use

Improving spread of strain and stresses across bonded joints

Engineers are always on the look out for better and more efficient ways of designing and producing structures - so what is there on offer? Sebastien Lichtle reports

Embedded computer module based on latest Intel Core i7 processor

The conga-BM57 features the latest Intel Core i7-620M processor with a core speed of 2.66GHz


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