Software with project management tools

Collaborative product data management software includes options for project management and shop floor data access

Software processes cloud data

HIPP is a software technology that imports 3D point data and exports files for direct use in leading CAD packages

PDF specification released

ISO has released ISO 32000-1, 'Document management - Portable document format - Part 1: PDF 1.7'

PLC analogue module improvements

Idec is introducing upgraded analogue modules for its Pentra and Microsmart PLCs with substantially improved performance

Pilot software for modelling and simulation

Maplesoft is piloting a new type of modelling and simulation software that could streamline product and process development

Machine control panels are easy to adapt

Quickline control panels designed for use with range of standard accessories to enable custom-configured units to be built quickly and easily

Affordable 3D printer is office-friendly

Projet SD 3000 3D Printer is suitable for use in office environments to create parts with smooth surfaces and small feature details

Anyalysis program delivers improvements

Algor finite element analysis program, V22, offers improvements in modelling, simulation, and results evaluation

Editing and converting scanned technical drawings

VPHybridCAD V10 now supports all AutoCAD versions from 2004 to 2009 and complies with the new AutoCAD 2009 ‘ribbon style’ user interface

Single, unifying view into operational performance

Proficy DataMart reaches deep within manufacturing operations across a business to provide a single, unifying view into operational performance

Design data management - a guide to choosing the right solution

With so many different types of data management solutions on the market, how do you decide which to buy, and how can you optimise the benefits? Colin Watson provides some valuable advice and tips based on his years of experience

Software via the internet offers a alternative licensing

Buying software through a conventional licensing agreement can be expensive and restrictive but a new generation of web-native software can be hosted remotely and accessed via a browser, with cost-effective payments made on a monthly per-user basis

The economic payback of 3D mice as a user interface

Survey results of users of 3D mice

Build bigger, better multicolour 3D models

Z Corporation's new ZPrinter 650 is claimed to deliver the industry's biggest models, highest-quality colour and finest resolution

Mind maps can be freely shared online

The latest version of Mindmanager is complemented by a new Mindmanager Web tool that enables mind maps to be freely shared via the internet

Motion control cards need no host PC

New models in PMD's Prodigy family of motion control cards can download and run motion programs with no need for a host PC to be connected


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