Software suits visualisation and analysis

Avizo 5 is software for 3D image and simulation data visualisation and analysis, with an intuitive interface and workflow

Controller is claimed to be 'industry first'

NI VXI-8360T MXI-Express remote controller is first such product to deliver a high-bandwidth, low-latency VXI interface

Materials management system at version 2.0

Benefits from new version control and data quality rating functions, thereby enabling enhanced materials data management

Embedded PC uses 1GHz processor

By using a processor with zero second-level cache, Beckhoff has created a reasonably high-performance embedded PC

Ethernet switch is compact and cost-effective

Harting's eCon 2160-A unmanaged 16-port industrial Ethernet switch is described as compact, robust and cost-effective

Gesture-controlled computer demonstrated

Researchers will be at Cebit to demonstrate how human gestures can be used to control computer software applications

Injection moulding simulation software

Simpoe-Designer is a software package for plastic injection simulation that incorporates tools to enable CAD models to be edited directly

Software for manipulating 3D CAD data

Deskartes' 3Data Expert software version 8.0 benefits from a new user interface for 3D printing, rapid prototyping and simulation data transfer

'Watermarking' protects against counterfeiting

Researchers at Warwick University have developed a novel way of marking plastic components during the moulding process

Software enables non-experts to run analyses

LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim is a software package for modelling and analysing multi-domain, intelligent systems and predicting performance

Alternative to computer-on-module devices

MEN Micro's new ESMexpress-based XM50 offers high-performance computing in a format that copes with harsh environments

Collaboration software speeds time-to-market

PTC says the 2008 release of its Cocreate CAD incorporates improvements that will benefit designers of products and machinery

Grippers use shape-memory materials

Researchers investigating shape-memory alloys, magnetic shape memory alloys and ferromagnetic shape memory alloys for precision grippers

Making optimisation programs easier to run

Parallel Computing Toolbox with its Matlab optimisation toolboxes will make it easier to use multicore computing power

High-speed, water-fast, wide-format prints

Printing system combines toner and inkjet printing technologies to produce high-quality prints on plain or recycled paper

SLS material optimised for rapid casting

Windform PS is a polystyrene-based material for rapid casting in titanium, aluminium, magnesium, steel and nickel-based alloys

Mini displacement joystick

Joystick model 5000C converts operator input to analogue output voltages proportional to the angle of joystick movement


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