8Gb channels for industrial image processing

Acceed ECS-5600 Series Box PC is fanless and can be operated at an ambient temperature between -25 and 70°C

You know the drill ...

Plastic parts made by rapid injection moulding help accelerate time-to-market of drill-less dental treatment

Could Ancient Egyptians hold the key to 3D printed ceramics?

Self-glazing 3D printed ceramic inspired by Ancient Egyptian Faience ceramic techniques

Automation networking demands resilience

Engineering professionals in disparate industries all need to integrate increasingly complex systems while at the same time ensuring reliability. Boris Sedacca asks engineers how to achieve this

3D printer prints sharp, accurate parts

Prints durable, high-definition plastic parts that stand up to challenging exposure environments

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrated with creation of world’s smallest diamond coin

The coin measures just 750 nanometres across and features an image of the Queen’s profile just 580 nanometres high

Enhancements for design software

Sculptorplus is a new version of Optimal Solutions Software's CAE real-time design deformation software package

Platform has benefits over conventional Jpeg

4DSP is launching a JPEG2000 hardware compression platform that delivers superior image file compression for imaging applications

Software suits visualisation and analysis

Avizo 5 is software for 3D image and simulation data visualisation and analysis, with an intuitive interface and workflow

Clip-in blanking panels cut installation time

Panels  eliminate the need for screw-in blanking plates and simply snap into place without any tools

Controller is claimed to be 'industry first'

NI VXI-8360T MXI-Express remote controller is first such product to deliver a high-bandwidth, low-latency VXI interface

Materials management system at version 2.0

Benefits from new version control and data quality rating functions, thereby enabling enhanced materials data management

Ethernet switch is compact and cost-effective

Harting's eCon 2160-A unmanaged 16-port industrial Ethernet switch is described as compact, robust and cost-effective

Gesture-controlled computer demonstrated

Researchers will be at Cebit to demonstrate how human gestures can be used to control computer software applications

Injection moulding simulation software

Simpoe-Designer is a software package for plastic injection simulation that incorporates tools to enable CAD models to be edited directly

Software for manipulating 3D CAD data

Deskartes' 3Data Expert software version 8.0 benefits from a new user interface for 3D printing, rapid prototyping and simulation data transfer

'Watermarking' protects against counterfeiting

Researchers at Warwick University have developed a novel way of marking plastic components during the moulding process


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