How to improve the surface finish of your AM component

One of the drawbacks of additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing (3DP) is the quality of the surface finish, writes Tim Plunkett

Factory networking unites with IT

Like all marriages, that of fieldbus with IT and/or other fieldbuses is fraught with flare-ups and breakdowns, but ultimately both parties know they have no option but to try and make it work, asserts Boris Sedacca

Accelerate production and reduce maintenance

Tool manufacturer relies on additive manufacturing for complex customer projects

Additive manufacturing helps students to racing success

Battery housing features integrated cable ducts and cooling channels for an electric-powered race car

Advanced manufacturing optimises satellite technology

Faster production of thermally highly stressed components by using additive manufacturing technology for metal parts

Sports drone takes off thanks to 3D printing

AirDog is a‘quad-copter' that operates via a wrist-worn tracking device and accommodates a standard GoPro sports camera

Colour digital materials for 3D printed product realism

Vibrant colours offer options for consumer products, fashion, sporting goods and other market segments

Remote machine diagnostics and support

For machine builders that offer remote access support and diagnostics for their installed machines, network security is often a critical factor in the end user’s selection process, says Dave Hammond

Metal 3D printing helps rebuild motorbike crash survivor’s face

Belgian company LayerWise produced patient-specific titanium implants as part of a pioneering facial reconstruction

Rugged handheld for outdoor computing

Juniper’s new Archer 2 device features bright 4.3-inch touchscreen and the long lasting battery

Boom time for additive manufacturing

There are almost as many different additive manufacturing techniques as there are materials, so outsourcing is the watchword. Boris Sedacca reports on recent developments

Software upgrade for advanced magnetic inspection

Inspection of permanent magnets in R&D, quality control, production of sensor systems, electric motors, medical devices and consumer electronics

MagNet for SolidWorks coming in 2014

Embeds an electromagnetic field simulator as an add-in to Solidworks 2013 or later

3D printers help energise developing regions

Companies using FDM 3D printing technology to create innovative energy solutions that aid those without reliable electricity

Big data and 3D printing set to reform supply chains in 2014

The rise of ‘big data’ to the mainstream and emergence of 3D printing will be two of the big issues affecting supply chains leaders in 2014


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