Optimisation of electromagnetic force

Optimising the force that the device can produce is a key consideration and often has to be done with practical constraints

Design freedom from a bottom up approach

Robin Weston looks at the benefits designers can achieve with additive manufacturing

A clearer view of how to exploit cloud computing

Design engineers and design managers may have heard the term 'cloud computing' but found it hard to establish exactly what it is - or whether it will help them in their jobs. Alistair Rae presents some answers to these questions and looks at what might happen in the future

MecSoft announces VisualXPORT for SolidWorks

Provides an enhanced workflow for companies that design in SolidWorks and use VisualMILL in their manufacturing process

Another fine mesh

KnitMesh Technologies and University of Liverpool develop mesh modelling software

The Parrot AR.Drone: from virtual to reality

Wi-Fi, toy flying-machine dubbed, by its makers, a ‘quadricopter’ and controlled by iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Software upgrade brings benefits for designers

Simulations for applications requiring charged particle and beam analysis need accuracy and easy analysis to ensure consistent results

Industrial control systems need a new approach to IT security

Manufacturing organisations want convergence between office and plant networks but the emergence of the Stuxnet virus has caused organisations to take a fresh look at IT security. Alistair Rae considers the implications for designers of industrial control systems and reviews some of the security technologies currently available

Software provides direct link to control and business systems

Adds native support for Microsoft SharePoint and simplifies configuration to empower data-driven decision making

VIDEO: Closing the gap with tactile probe accuracy

Applications for laser scanner include moulds, small turbine blades, medical devices and other complex geometry

Laser-sintered Easter egg

Fourfoursixsix Architects, Ogle Models and EOS team up to create intricate 3D design


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