High-quality ferrite inductors

They can be used in electronic filters and in power distribution networks, which can be found in nearly all classes of electronic systems

Turning cables inside out

CONTA-CLIP is introducing KDSclick, a new cable entry system that minimises the time needed for deployment

DMOS FET transistor arrays

Arrays will find use in applications, including motors, relays and LED drives

Cellular radio RF front end

ADI launches a high power SPDT silicon switch that enables designers to reduce hardware size and bias power consumption

World’s smallest 1uF monolithic ceramic capacitor

Suits space-constrained enclosures of mobile electronics such as smartphones and wearable devices

Direct wire-to-board connectors allow easy hand assembly

New solderless connectors eliminate PCB headers, reduce component count

Feed-through data connectors

Cliff’s range of feed-through connectors are packaged in the widely used 24mm diameter XLR connector format

High density aerospace modules boost connector density by 50%

Provides additional weight savings and simplifies the assembly process, providing possible weight savings

Missile flies with first 3D printed connector

Engineers have used an entirely digital process to design and fabricate a connector backshell in half the time of traditional methods

Flexible RF cables for 50GHz and 67GHz test systems

Applications for the cables include semiconductor probe testing, precise bench top testing and lab/production testing

Interlock switches for high purity applications

Fortress Interlocks has launched a new range of rugged stainless steel interlock switches for high purity applications such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical processing

Insulation displacement connectors

Much research has been done to design an improved IDC, and to analyse the cause of IDC failure

50GHz and 67GHz millimetre wave VNA test cables

Flexible precision VNA test cables from Pasternack provide accurate and repeatable test results to 67GHz

Regulated converter delivers POE compliant power from a 12V source

Suitable for resource-efficient, end-to-end information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystems

12-pin power connectors optimised for harsh environment applications

Ruggedised devices provide superior resistance to industrial liquids, chemical substances and shock and vibration

Self-powered LED meter displays AC line frequency

The DMR20-1-FM-R-C frequency monitor is a self-powered, two-wire meter that does not require any additional external power sources

New-generation of transistor arrays

Expanded line-up of highly efficient transistor arrays with the industry’s first DMOS FET source-output driver



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