Waterproof panel-mount touchscreen

Suitable for use in washdown environments, especially food processing plants, manufacturing or processing facilities

Ethernet-based waveform playback unit

Two analogue inputs and two random noise generators are available for modulation or summing

Rackmount variable gain RF amplifier

Digitally controlled variable gain amplifier offers accurate attenuation levels over the entire frequency band

Boosting venting performance in the face of harsh environmental conditions

GORE PolyVent XS designed for easier integration into small (up to 2l) outdoor electronic enclosures

Advanced connectors for machine vision

ODU AMC High-Density is a connector for use in harsh environments

High density AC-to-DC front-end modules

Isolation and power factor correction in a rugged chassis-mountable package

Re-engineered fan trays chill costs

The fan tray’s framework material was changed from aluminium to stronger galvanised steel

IP66 DN Enclosure/Junction box range

Hylec-APL’ s35mm DIN Rail offers flexible PCB and component positioning

3.5GHz-band GaN-HEMTs for 4G mobile-communication base transceiver stations

Designed for use in macro BTS and large numbers of micro cells that mobile network operators are employing to increase the data capacity

Precision motion chips for dedicated controllers

Suitable for applications such as 2D and 3D printing, robot control, biological and , glue laying, laser cutting

Feed-through connectors

Allows standard cabling to be used to connect at both front and rear of control panels, eliminating the need to solder or terminate connections

Waterproof coaxial cable assemblies offer protection to IP67 and IP68

Taiwanese connector maker GradConn has developed a range of waterproof coaxial interface connectors. Nick Flaherty reports

High output tube light kits

The T5 Tube Light Kits can be directly retrofitted into virtually any 4-ft 2-pin, in-line fluorescent tube fixture

Connectors and cable assemblies with anti-torque feature

Amphenol RF expands its SMA product family offering with new 50Ohm connectors and cable assemblies featuring anti-torque SMA bodies

Waveguides operate to 40GHz over nine frequency bands

Pasternack flexible waveguide sections solve alignment Issues in rigid and fixed waveguide systems


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