Connectors for system integrators

Amy Wells discusses the recent shift towards more robust Mil-spec connectors, the interconnectivity trend and the increase in connector quality

Ultra-low drop-out 500mA LDO regulator ICs

New LDO regulators from Toshiba for mobile devices achieve lowest-in-class drop-out voltages

You were made for me?

Here Amy Wells poses the questions you need to be asking when specifying a connector

Smart-lighting LED drivers

Ensure flicker-free dimming of tunable white and colour LED bulb

Sealed connector system for automotive applications

Suitable system differentiates powertrain and body electronics applications from safety applications

Configurable low-power embedded controllers

Multiple I/O signals can be configured for 3.3V or 1.8V without external voltage translators

Faster, more efficient testing of APIX2 Designs reduces time-to-market

APIX2 is a multi-channel technology for high-resolution in-car video applications

Semi-flexible cables

Offer a lighter, more flexible alternative to semi-rigid types making system assembly and interconnection easier

Smaller motor sizes and 400 step motors

Suit motion automation applications such as medical and laboratory equipment, camera controls, pumps and consumer electronics

Robust switch for potentially explosive atmospheres

These switches are available in 19 and 22 mm diameters and are labelled with the approval information and an identification number

First enclosure compliant with the embeddedNUC Standard

Small and powerful PC units can now be used as decentralised control and monitoring units in automation systems

Capacitive and metal touch switches

Custom switch solutions feature value-add design options and fast time-to-market for consumer appliances, industrial equipment and medical devices

Quick-fit 120˚ hinge

Hinges enable panel builders to quickly install a removable 25mm return door with electrical safety compliance

Future-proof, high speed, always-on connectivity

u-blox introduces TOBY-L201, a 150 Mbps 4G LTE and WCDMA module with multi-carrier support

Security for data-at-rest

Microsemi introduces XMC Form Factor SATA SSD for industrial and defence applications requiring the highest levels of security and reliability

Fast SD card readers now with high speed functionality

Serves different markets including consumer, automotive, and industrial with a wide range of products

Debug tool

TRACE32 tool supports Spansion HyperFlash memory with intuitive, fast and flexible flash programming features



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