New vacuum pumping units with electronic control

Vacuubrand offers complete pumping unit solutions equipped with the latest Vacuubrand vacuum controller CVC 3000 in three vacuum performance ranges

Drive gets tough for wet outdoor process conditions

Drive offers fast dynamic torque response, auto-tuning and low speed operation from a compact, low cost and simple to use product.

Higher loads and better wear key to success of enhanced sealing

Seal manufacturers are focusing on new products that wear better and can handle higher loads. At the same time, the market is consolidating. Sean Ottewell reports

UV ink pump is a 'world first'

The ARO Fluid Technologies business of Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies is launching 'the world's first UV ink pump' that does not cause crystallisation

Positive displacement meters: pros, cons and selection

Charles Wemyss sets out to differentiate between some of the most popular types of positive displacement meters and provide some guidance to selection

Electronic temperature control for pumps

Electric heating is making pump temperature control much easier especially in mobile plants

Are you confident in your pressure relief systems?

Pressure relief systems can have a significant financial and safety impact on process industry operations

Communication with your chemicals

ProfiBus communications link allows for highly accurate chemical control and detailed chemical dosing information

Improving efficiency and safety at Europe's largest ammonia plant

Environmental, safety and integrity issues are becoming ever more important in the chemical storage industry today. Jerry Worsley reports

Gear pump for high viscosity media

Maag Pump Systems offers a discharge pump with special inlet geometry for industrial applications with medium to high viscosity media

Taking the heat out of temperature monitoring

Advances in infrared thermometry and the software it uses are ensuring reduced downtime, simplified process monitoring and easier preventative maintenance for chemical process operators

Tank container is economical and ‘low-carbon’

Tank containers represent the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly way of moving intermediate quantities of bulk liquids and gases



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