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Improving chemical metering

Qdos 30 delivers a 5,000:1 flow range from 0.1–500 ml/min and 7bar

Monitoring chemical composition of fluids

Sensor chip that monitors the refractive index of liquids to give an accurate indication of chemical composition

Fast-switching valve for chemically aggressive fluids

With its 4.5mm width, the new valve is a step towards miniaturisation while outperforming 10 mm and 16 mm designs

Slimline valves achieves rapid response

Burkert's new type 6650 miniature solenoid valve is just 4.5mm wide, yet patented Flipper technology ensures the valve achieves a very fast response

Butterfly valves for extreme and hazardous conditions

The Tomoe 847T range is used across a wide spectrum of industries including chemical processing, water treatment, food processing and vehicle manufacture

Electric actuation provides precision control of valves

Chris Warnett looks at how an electric actuator is providing high precision valve positioning and facilitates the tightest possible tolerances

Convection heater sealed to IP68

Intertec is introducing a compact new electric convection heater that has been designed for temperature maintenance or control in harsh environments

Heaters provide hot air to evaporate soil contaminants

Soil treatment system uses hot air instead of an open flame. Pascale Tholl report

Nanostructures improve the next generation of chemical reactors

Novel nanostructures, improved support materials and advances in process technology are driving advances in the next generation of chemical reactors. Sean Ottewell outlines the latest developments

Scientific information for the 21st century

Nowadays information is redigitalised, repacked, restructured so that nothing slips through the net of researchers

Growth continues for single-use and disposable process systems

Single-use/disposable process systems are becoming ever more popular in the face of industry demands for improved productivity and reduced costs associated with laboratory, pilot and process activities

Lab reactor for chemical synthesis or process development

Quick-release clamp and quick connect hose couplings allow vessels to be exchanged in minutes with ease and without the use for tools

Automatic valves for on-off and high performance control

Series FP94 is a solution for on-off control for steam, various fluid and also for low viscosity medium and light gasses

New vacuum pumping units with electronic control

Vacuubrand offers complete pumping unit solutions equipped with the latest Vacuubrand vacuum controller CVC 3000 in three vacuum performance ranges


Your Career

Your Career


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