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New development in particle counters

Pamas launches new particle counter with integrated dilution system for fluid analysis

New polyurethane technologies for automotive applications

UTECH Europe Exhibition and Conference, 14-16 April 2015, MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands

New solid-state power relay

Noiseless relay and overcurrent protection in a single unit

Automotive lightweight construction project gains partner

Steel and aluminium in tailored tubes offers savings potential in seat back production

New technology competence centre opens

Zuken opens global automotive and transportation competence centre in Germany

Hands-on advice

Hand protection in the workplace guide launched by UK safety expert

Clock and timing portfolio expanded with new product

New phased-locked loop enables better RF sensitivity and radar accuracy

New multi axial machine commissioned

High-volume automotive applications will benefit from multi axial machine

European market for cables worth EUR 20bn in 2013

Cables are utilised in many sectors, especially in building and infrastructure, in transport, automotive, railway rolling stock, naval applications

Rugged angle sensors for vehicles

Non-contacting – rugged – reliable – extremely slim – maximum installation tolerance

Foam for alternative drive concepts

Open-pored, easily shaped, electrically conductive metal foam is providing new opportunities - whether used as a gas diffusion layer in metal-air batteries or fuel cells, or as a current collector in super capacitors. Doris Schulz reports

Oven accelerates Formula 1 aerofoil development

For post curing drying of composite moulds and moisture extraction for adhesives used for a variety of component parts

Data analysis software assess vehicle noise

Helps manufacturers identify the main pass-by noise sources, listen to the individual contributions

Meeting high power demands of on-road electric vehicles

New controller supports both AC induction and permanent magnet AC motor control technologies


Your Career

Your Career


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