Lubricant grease protects against friction, heat, water damage and pressure

Modern machinery or plant performance depends on effective lubrication to keep gears turning and production continuous

Smarter vehicle pretreatment

The phosphate sludge that is removed from the pretreatment basin is fed into the chamber filter press using a flow- and pressure-regulated Turo vortex pump

Food safety assured for SFS silicone sponge

A key element of safety and compliance testing for the food industry is ensuring that there is no migration of contaminants from polymers that come into direct contact with food

Low-viscosity adhesive cures with UV and visible light

Adhesive has extremely low viscosity and a suitable choice for very tight bond gaps.

Multiple new measurement tools now available with PULSE 20

Measurement tool for industries ranging from aerospace and defence to industrial and automotive

How to select coatings to optimise performance

Considering the operating environment and its impact on the coatings selected. By Andrew Courtney

Mind the gap: can software substitute skills?

Dr Martyn Jeffries describes how software quality assurance can address the skills gap in UK automotive industry

Spring into action

Ken Massett reveals everything you need to know about springs

Eco-advanced vehicle interiors

Antje Lewe reveals why a new surface material represents a real alternative to leather

Facing up to the challenges

Christoph Brachner introduces a new high-speed camera for automotive safety applications

Linear position sensor has improved sealing option

For demanding applications that include ride height, suspension displacement and steering angle measurement

Integrating multiple antennas into vehicle telematics

Three new antennas inside an On Board Devices housing to link to a satellite (GNSS), Bluetooth and a terrestrial network

Expandable modular data acquisition

Omega’s iNET-400 Series directly connects to thermocouples, RTD, thermistor, strain gage, load cell, voltage, current, resistance and accelerometer inputs

Integrated thermocouple electromotive force-to-degrees Celsius converter

Industry’s first converter IC to integrate precision instrumentation, temperature sensor and high-res ADC with maths engine which supports most thermocouple types

Gearing up for lubrication

The Lubricants and Fuel Additives Platform of water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched Top Blend, a new multi-viscosity and multi-purpose gear oil

Belts for vehicles now even more environmentally-friendly

Rubber specialist has developed a new production process, in which the textile flocking is ironed onto the V-ribbed belt Unipower Tough Grip

Scorching the soot

New fuel additive targets latest Euro VI emissions rules; designed to reduce the temperature at which soot burns off in diesel particulate filters

Digitally compensated differential pressure transducers

Suitable for a variety of testing requirements, including automotive and aircraft engine test stands; leak decay; liquefied natural gas transport and storage; filtration; and flow and tank level measurements


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