Digitally compensated differential pressure transducers

Suitable for a variety of testing requirements, including automotive and aircraft engine test stands; leak decay; liquefied natural gas transport and storage; filtration; and flow and tank level measurements

Temperature profiling in automotive paint shops

Connects up to 20 thermocouples, enabling highly detailed thermal profiling of automotive paint, adhesive, and sealant cure processes

Improving assisted steering systems on electric vehicles

Collaborative project is researching new technologies for improving the energy efficiency

Encapsulation resin provides automotive sensor protection

Two-part epoxy encapsulation resin offers high resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, including solvents and fuels

Programmable precision dispenser

Applications include those in medical device manufacturing, electronics, optics and automotive

Automotive sensors feature chemically resistant wires

Can measure levels from as low as 5mm to more than 250mm within fractions of a millimetre

Reducing conduction losses

Toshiba launches new -40V P-ch Power MOSFET for automotive applications

Piezoelectric materials suit high-temperature operation

Suitable for both vibration and pressure sensing for applications in process and plant control, power generation, automotive and aerospace

Digital isolators provide plug-and-play isolated power supply

Enhances reliability for applications in harsh, noisy operating environments, including factory automation, process control, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), solar inverters and automotive battery management

Sensor systems for the automotive industry

SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co KG and partner CSM GmbH develop a special temperature measurement system

Exploring the future of engineering

Topics being discussed include the Rosetta Space Mission and how lighter cars are able to produce less CO2 emissions

Custom OEM inclination, acceleration and vibration sensors

For a variety of industry sectors such as rail, military, aerospace and defence, automotive, agricultural machinery, access platforms and off-highway vehicles

Ensuring clean interior air in vehicles

Dr Alexander Jockisch reveals why high-quality interior surfaces are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive sector

Innovation in benzoxazine resins

New investment programme for benzoxazine resins research and manufacturing

Pillars of composite mass production

Why four pillars of advanced technologies in composite mass production are a solid foundation for increased performance and productivity in the automotive industry

Automotive composites analysis

Huntsman accelerates to facilitate mass production in the automotive composites market

Multi-million pound investment in technology innovation

As global markets increasingly turn to high-performance polymers, Victrex plans new world-class Polymer Innovation Centre

New polyurethane technologies for automotive applications

UTECH Europe Exhibition and Conference, 14-16 April 2015, MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Robust connectors for the automotive industry

ERNI Electronics offers MiniBridge Connectors with Koshiri security


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