Biogass car sets high speed record

Swagelok fitting and tubing components were used to ensure zero-leakage performance of the CO2 neutral biogas system

Fanless PC designed for in-vehicle applications

Amplicon's new VTC-3300E fanless PC features power ignition control, GSM/GPRS communications and a choice of ruggedised hard drives or solid-state drives

Miniature robot is portable and configurable

Qinetiq's new Dragon Runner Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle can be equipped with different modules for performing numerous roles in a variety of environments

Worst year in a nearly a generation for US auto sales

Sales in 2008 are set to drop by 17.7 per cent compared to 2007, contributing to what is expected to be the worst year since 1980

Single, double or triple acting presses with a hydraulic cushion

Presses range from 100–2000 tonnes have large frames with bronze guides and graphic inserts for a smooth movement of the slide

Heat shrink tubing gives maximum protection

Suitable as a jacketing material for military ground vehicle cables and harnesses; also meets the challenging demands of motor sport cable harnesses

Accelerometers cope with higher temperatures

Bruel and Kjaer's new Thetashear accelerometer Type 4526 can operate at up to 180 degrees C, with low susceptibility to temperature transients

Energy efficient balancer shaft leads to engine fuel savings

Schaeffler starts volume production of INA lightweight balancer shaft and rolling bearing assembly for the new Mercedes-Benz OM 651

A multitude of means to improve fuel efficiency and cut emissions

Paul Stevens reviews some of the numerous technologies that are helping automotive manufactures to deliver vehicles that consume less fuel and produce fewer harmful emissions, but without sacrificing performance or comfort

Car dashboard provides three-dimensional instrumentation

Researchers form the Fraunhofer Institute have develop a car dashboard that provides customised information in a three-dimensional format

Linear Hall-effect sensor IC is user-programmable

New from Allegro Microsystems Europe is the A1386 linear Hall-effect sensor IC for automotive applications requiring flexible, accurate position sensing

Laser micrometer offers twice the measuring range

The sensors are suited to applications where previously two laser micrometers had to be used, since the measuring range of one sensor was insufficient

Mobilising machine parts to meet modern manufacturing challenges

Stefan Pulver explains the advantages of getting components from a single source

Position sensor suits SIL 2 applications

Temposonics' non-contact M-series position sensors now meet the requirements of SIL2 as per EN 61508 and Performance Level d of EN 13849-1

Ethernet makes its way into the car

LAN89218 designed to meet high reliability standards required by automotive applications such as on-board diagnostics or fast software download interfaces

ISO/DIS 26262 - a new draft standard for road vehicle functional safety

An international collaboration of automotive industry experts has resulted in a draft standard to improve the functional safety of road vehicles

Data management software gains additional features

NI Diadem 11.1, a new release of National Instruments' software for managing, analysing, visualising and reporting test data, is now more powerful



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