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Counter module adds flexible counting capability

Designed for applications within the packaging, drive engineering, process, food and drink, mechanical engineering and other industries

Plant management driven by integrated automation

Demands for fast remote access, automation of procedures and whole site integration are, reports Sean Ottewell, driving investment in plant management technology

Good lighting control prevents energy wastage

Using the latest lighting control technology to cut energy bills can save engineering industries significant unnecessary expenditure. Dr Andy Davies brings us up to date on the latest developments

Closed-loop pressure control

TESCOM ER5000 Series brings accurate, repeatable pressure control automation to a wide range of applications

Automation key to process optimisation

Whether the drivers are efficiency, safety, or hygiene, automation is at the heart of efforts by companies optimise to their processes. Sean Ottewell reports

'Green' energy demands help drive control and automation

Technology for boiler and furnace operation improvement, and Rosemount sapphire-tube enclosed thermocouples for gasification applications

Automation solutions key to alumina refinery expansions

As the major aluminium manufacturers expand existing capacity and build new plants, Sean Ottewell reports on how state-of-the-art automation solutions are being demanded

Powering through projects with Quality Companion

Quality Companion organises and manages all types of quality improvement projects within one application.


Your Career

Your Career


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