Automatic switching from displays to alarms

Elma provides this innovative visualisation solution with a cluster of 16 monitors arranged in a 4 x 4 matrix (bottom)

Digital LVDT offers superior precision

New from Magnet Schultz is a digital linear transducer that achieves high resolution, good linearity and a long service life

Temperature controls with universal control

New mains power controllers are PTC/NTC selectable and feature quick programming keys for fast batch programming

Control system handles motion and logic

Motion Control Products' MC4U multi-axis modular motion control system that combines motion control and PLC functions within one unit

Controllers offer improved performance

NI’s Compact Fieldpoint controllers benefit from faster processors, a real-time operating system and built-in Ethernet

Control integrates PLC, HMI, comms

IMO is launching the i3 all-in-one controller and display that is claimed to save time and space during installation (top)

Pneumatic products feature safety functions

Festo's latest products are aimed at applications where pneumatics impact on the safety of machinery

Converters extended CAN networks

Ethercan devices can either be used to extend CAN networks via Ethernet or provide access to CAN networks via the Internet

Control system gains telecontrol function

Siemens is now adding telecontrol functions to the latest version of its Simatic PCS 7 process control system

Upgraded motion control module

Improved motion module for use with its FX3U PLC, offering enhanced positioning and monitoring functions

Lab-scale process control system

Siemens is adding new components to its Simatic PCS 7 Lab process control system for laboratory applications, including sclaes and mixers

Process controller allows the testing of up to five switch elements in one cycle

HBM’s EASYswitch process controller with TEDS now allows the testing of up to five switch elements in one cycle

Embedded controller includes visualisation

Siemens is launching the modular Simatic S7-mEC embedded controller with preinstalled runtime visualisation software and expansion capability

Daily data collection provides new opportunities to improve

In today's complex chemical environment, companies are always looking for new opportunities to improve production. Holger Schwarzer reports

Turnkey platform for control and automation

Implements Real Time Systems' Hypervisor to support Windows and OS-9 running concurrently on the Intel Core Duo processor

Proportional pressure regulator is controlled via fieldbus

Festo's new VPPM-MPA proportional pressure regulator is a manifold-mounted unit that is equipped for receiving control signals via fieldbus or Ethernet

More features for Aprol process control system

B and R is making a number of changes to its Aprol process control system to improve usability and add innovative new features

New Modbus interface module for miniature server

Compulogic is launching a new Modbus interface module to expand the capability of its Picoserve range of miniature web servers


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