Europe spends E1.6bn to create new generation of cleaner aircraft

Improving environmental performance of next generation aircraft

Servo presses deliver 50 per cent productivity gains

Enhancing the control that Airbus’ engineers have over what is a complex stage in the production of safety-critical airframe components

Radar differentiates between wind turbines and aircraft

A team from Cambridge Consultants believes it has a solution to the problem of air traffic control radars being unable to differentiate between wind turbines and aircraft

Furnaces simulate aero-engine conditions

Furnaces were bought to enable the company to carry out research into the stability and accuracy of thermocouples as a result of long-term exposure to temperatures up to 1100°C in aero-engines

Product life-cycle management deal with Airbus

Encompasses most of the electrical engineering process, from the definition of electrical equipment to the automatic generation of electrical harnesses and wiring diagrams

Real-time Ethernet for critical applications

Moog FCS is introducing a servo control system that uses real-time Ethernet for critical applications such as aerospace testing

Film meets flame requirements for aircraft insulation

Insulation surrounding the cargo bay must also be resistant to burn-through in an intense thermal environment like that of a fuel-fed fire

High performance clamps for the new Boeing 787

Performance clamps consist of Victrex Peek polymer, a high performance thermoplastic, that is over-moulded with a silicone rubber cushion

Laminate shimstock helps companies gain competitive edge

Advances in the bonding and manufacture of laminate shimstock are helping to boost global demand for this product

Two approaches to achieving short takeoff and vertical landing

After 40 years in service, the Harrier is due to be replaced by a variant of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter that is designed for short takeoffs and vertical landings. Alistair Rae looks at the two aircraft and the different technologies employed to achieve similar goals

Ceramic cores stay stable as casting temperatures soar

New material ensures core stability with high temperature super alloys; results in higher casting yields, reduced scrap rates and lower casting costs

Managing high data rates from space

Rack with cPCI backplane, power supply unit and cooling transmits huge data quantities back to Earth at high speeds

Bridge gantry delivered to aerospace manufacturer

Widest ever bridge style co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) ever manufactured; measurement volume of 6m x 6m x 3m

Flame-retardant material for rapid manufacturing

Duraform FR 100 plastic is a new flame-retardant material from 3D Systems for the direct production of components by laser sintering

Connector features lightweight aluminium housing

P and E's new hermetic circular 38999 DC connector is up to 60 per cent lighter than its standard stainless steel version

Rapid and accurate measurements of large surface areas

Phase Vision Quartz 1200DBE was used to scan the aircraft's wings and fuselage

Smarter methods for mathematical analysis, modelling and simulation

MapleSim and Maple to enhance modelling and simulation in space exploration projects

High channel-count data acquisition for dense monitoring applications

Highland Technology releases its latest VME module for industrial and aerospace application



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