Ultralight miniature connector for aeronautics

The new microComp Quicklatch is a 100 per cent composite miniature quick connector designed particularly for use on in-flight entertainment screens aboard commercial aircraft.

RF switch for harsh space environments

Peregrine Semiconductor's PE95421 switch is highly resistant to total dose and single event radiation effects

Airborne servers high-speed networking on aircraft

Kontron's ACE Flight 600 server platform fast-tracks deployment of best-in-class flight communication and wireless IFE server systems

Europe spends €1.6 billion to create cleaner aircraft

Industry should improve environmental performance

Understanding of fluid turbulence

Helpful to a wide range of fields including weather forecasting and aerospace engineering

In-flight refuelling breakthrough

Hose system safely and securely accommodates power with telemetry cables and fibre-optics for data transfer

Polishing wheels meet aerospace industry demands

Rolls-Royce specified Meister Abrasives’ GP plus and 632/732 polishing wheels

Inclinometers help test satellite thrusters

Customised to withstand extreme changes of temperature under hard vacuum, precision servo inclinometers offered precision performance throughout three-months of life test qualification to complete rigorous testing of its satellite thrusters

VIDEO: Air travel - the new golden age

Aircraft and engines are becoming more efficient and reliable, and airlines are buying them in greater numbers

Aero acoustics lab adds noise source identification system

System can locate and identify noise sources of vehicle and aircraft components

Point-of-load DC-DC buck regulators target space systems

Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation unveils new power management products

Aircraft sandwich composite reinforcing and repairs

Providing alternatives to conventional syntactics, latest epoxy syntactics have ease of handling

Space deal for speed sensors

Zettlex wins bid to develop position and speed sensors for space equipment

Angle of attack aircraft sensors

4239-01 AOA sensors from SpaceAge Control are designed specifically to meet the needs of commuter, business, and general aviation aircraft

Measure with sub-nanometre resolution

Micro-Epsilon's multi-channel capaNCDT 6500 series capacitive measurement system outputs data via a 24-bit resolution Ethernet port

Europe spends E1.6bn to create new generation of cleaner aircraft

Improving environmental performance of next generation aircraft


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