Coated fabrics for airliner evacuation slide

Fabrics are put through physical, chemical and textile tests. Johan Frithiof reports

Drones cut risk on industrial inspections

Using drones to avoid sending inspection workers up dangerous heights is one thing, but it would be unadvisable to send drone-mounted inspection cameras over explosive areas like oil and gas installations without proper risk assessment, reports Boris Sedacca

Six-axis robotic waterjet trimming cell

Cuts wide range of materials for automotive, marine and aerospace applications

System on chip brings lower power to 3U CompactPCI

Board delivers three times higher graphics performance compared to previous Intel Atom processor-based designs coupled with a low thermal design power value. Nick Flaherty reports

Satellite modem platform

Astrium's SKYWAN 5G is compact device for all applications and network roles; supports all kinds of topologies

'Shaker' for vibration testing lab

The Brüel & Kjær unit enables sine, random, and classic shock testing on flight elements of aircraft

Five reasons to leverage PLM for enterprise quality management

By implementing a product lifecycle management (PLM) system, companies both large and small, benefit by simplifying and shortening each phase of the product development process. Chuck Cimalore reports

Aerospace materials face testing times

Once an aircraft engine or body part has been designed, it needs to be casted, machined, extruded or 3D printed. Coatings also play a key role in parts design, reports Boris Sedacca

Special bearing designs provide benefits in harsh, demanding applications

In arduous, safety-critical applications such as aerospace systems, standalone and integrated special bearing designs can significantly improve system cost, performance and operating life, says Gary Hughes

Wireless non-contact displacement sensors use eddy-current technology

When using Wi-Fi technology, the sensors are capable of very high data streaming speeds for real-time monitoring of position and displacement in high-speed operations

Outdoor redundant line amplifiers ensure continuous operation of satcom systems

RL-W systems can be specified with 17 different satcom bands covering frequencies from 950MHz to 33GHz

Hard chrome plating

Hard chrome plating - used in the aerospace and defence industries - is soon to be restricted under EU REACH and US OSHA legislation due to the use of highly toxic hexavalent chromium salts

Ultralight miniature connector for aeronautics

The new microComp Quicklatch is a 100 per cent composite miniature quick connector designed particularly for use on in-flight entertainment screens aboard commercial aircraft.

RF switch for harsh space environments

Peregrine Semiconductor's PE95421 switch is highly resistant to total dose and single event radiation effects

Europe spends €1.6 billion to create cleaner aircraft

Industry should improve environmental performance

Understanding of fluid turbulence

Helpful to a wide range of fields including weather forecasting and aerospace engineering

Portable gas analyser tests satellite launch system

FTIR gas detection technology obtains infrared spectra by first collecting an ‘interferogram’ of sample signal with an interferometer


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