Satellite sensors improved with new interferometer

The technology is to provide meteorologists with better data on atmospheric temperature and moisture, ocean colour, sea ice cover, clouds…

New AM filament

The material offers improved properties for 3D printers

3D printer cuts development time

One project saw 6 weeks work done in 24 hours


Lasers take to the skies

The US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) plans to test a laser on a tactical fighter jet by 2021

New Aerospace Research Centre opens at Cranfield University

The University has teamed up with Airbus, Rolls-Royce and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to create the £35 million facility

High performance display for harsh environment

Designed to function in industrial process control, marine instrumentation, aerospace, in-vehicle displays and medical equipment

Future force measurement

John Cove explains the role of precision measurement for large scale manufacturing in the energy and aerospace markets

Fixed length cable assemblies

Amphenol RF’s SMPM pre-configured cable assemblies feature high performance SMPM plug connectors

High speed precision cutter

Creates efficient and consistent cuts in demanding environments

Shortening the development cycle in aerospace

Safety is the overriding concern in aerospace and space technology, says Stephen Dyson. Although safety requirements are non-negotiable, they come at a cost – they slow down the speed of the product development cycle

New materials to lift new ideas off the ground

New materials and techniques are playing an increasingly important role in aerospace component design. Stephen Dyson considers the latest developments

Overmoulding and insert moulding—additional injection moulding functionality

Injection moulding is now even more versatile – when combined with overmoulding or insert moulding. Stephen Dyson explains how these services can improve part design, strength, functionality—in addition to reducing assembly time and costs

Outsourcing partnerships that prosper

Manufacturers now consider ‘outsourcing’ as a partnership, rather than a supplier relationship. Stephen Dyson explains why outsourcing projects with trusted partners makes sense

Pushing the boundaries of bearing performance

By monitoring super precision bearings with smart sensor technologies, aircraft operators can estimate the useful remaining life of bearings, says Jon Everett

Already available additive technology

Peter Cookson explains why vacuum brazing is a form of proven, high-performance additive manufacturing

This time, it is rocket science

Graham Mackrell explains why strain wave gears have been the top choice in space for more than 40 years

The evolution of selective plating into automation

Derek Vanek discusses why selective plating warrants a wider appreciation in the aerospace industry and potential applications that could vastly increase cost efficiencies and improve durability and safety of components

Cryogenic cables

Typical applications include MIL and aerospace, marine, oil and gas, medical and general microwave markets



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