New AC motors successfully replace 30-year-old favourites

Designing a new series of motors to replace an established range that has enjoyed global success for over 30 years can be daunting. Jon Severn finds out how SEW-Eurodrive rose to the challenge by embarking on a five-year, multi-million-euro project

IP65 rated step motors

Suitable for applications in wet factory environments such as the food and beverage industry or outdoor use

Conceptual design package for gearbox and driveline

Streamlining the end-to-end planning to manufacture process with open software solutions

Renewed channel network delivers enhanced quality and availability

Rauno Ahola explains the philosophy behind the new ABB Value Provider Programme, with insight from programme members around the world

Precision involute spline shafts and bearing shafts

Ondrives Ltd has recently launched a range of precision involute spline shafts and bearing shafts

Environmental engineers grasp the energy nettle

Spiralling energy costs and mandatory compliance with energy-efficiency standards are forcing HVAC and environmental engineers to think hard about minimising their carbon footprint and to focus on air quality and its impact on human health, reports Boris Sedacca

New servo motor cable

Combines the existing structure of power conductors and break pairs with a digital-servo-link element

Planetary gearhead design boosts torque capacity by 25 per cent

Gearhead is vital part of servo system and should be specified to match each application’s requirements

VIDEO: What you need to know about encoder feedback for step motor systems

By adding an inexpensive encoder to a step motor system, the drive can monitor the motor’s actual position directly

Demand for integrated solutions to 'propel' European servo and stepper systems market

End-user need for customised and energy efficient products is creating demand for integrated drive solutions

Single axis drive – which can be used as part of a multi-axis motion solution

Simplifies integration of the control solution on one network, including HMI, CompactLogix Programmable Automation Controller, I/O and motion

Integrated motors and drives: compact and solutions to power the European market

High initial costs and low-cost competition pose a serious challenge to market prospects, says Frost and Sullivan

Market for low-voltage motor drives grows

IMS Research reports that the worldwide market for low-voltage motor drives is continuing to exhibit double-digit growth

Inverters enable users to specify functionality

'Rightsize' L-force 9400 frequency inverters enable customers to save money by only purchasing the features and functions required

Linear ball bearings offer 50 per cent longer life

KN ..B-PP range of linear bearings use optimised plastic cages to give smoother running, higher load capacity and extended life

Nanomotor provides linear or rotary motion

Spanish researchers have developed a nanomotor in which linear or rotary motion can be controlled by means of a temperature differential



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