Keep the complicated simple with user experience design

User experience design is becoming a norm in industrial product design, providing users with competitive advantages such as time and money savings with minimum environmental impact. Marjukka Mäkelä reports

Space: the final frontier for stepper motors

Alexander Hatzold explains why a new stepper motor standard for space is hitting the spot

Top five things that go wrong with electric motors

There are a myriad of issues that can cause electric motors to fail. However, among this rogue’s gallery of problems there is a set of usual suspects that crop up more often than the others. Jonathan Wilkins compiles a list of the top five causes

Grease: how to avoid economic meltdown

A tub of grease costs next to nothing. A seized motor can bring a production line to a standstill, resulting in enormous accumulating losses. Magda Bartosova says that remembering to lubricate electric motors will probably get the company accountant whining about trickle-spending, but...

Product platform expands to 1,700V range for industrial motor drives

1,700V modules with six-pack and CIB circuit topologies help to develop cost-effective inverters

Simulation tools range expanded

Romax Technology enhances product portfolio with upgrades to three products

New hollow shaft actuators

Range of lightweight hollow shaft servo actuators announced by UK-based manufacturer

Easy clean washdown motors

The new Kollmorgen AKMH stainless steel motors, available in the UK from INMOCO of Daventry, are designed for quick and easy cleaning CIP (clean-in-place)

Sensing expert expands portfolio with Hall effect magnetic sensors

Easy-to-use reference designs simplify industrial motor applications

AC drives registration service launched

Drive registration service via smart device app and online now available

Drives cut fume extraction costs at melting shop

Tata Steel’s extraction system saves £570,000 a year on energy costs with ABB variable-speed drives and high efficiency motors

High sensitivity Hall-effect latching sensor ICs

Sensor ICs are suited for applications such as commuting brushless DC motors used for medical equipment and appliances as well as for flow-rate sensing, speed and RPM sensing

What gives a motor sea legs?

Jerry Hodek looks at some of the principles and techniques that have evolved to make motors reliable at sea

Ballscrew drives now include new rolled version

Screw drives are suitable for a variety of machine building, automation, handling and automotive engineering applications

New belts for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly drives

High-performance timing belts from ContiTech with carbon tensile member developed

Motors drive plunger pumps

WEG to supply six custom-made squirrel-cage motors for driving plunger pumps on offshore oil production ships in Brazil

Delivering water to region in Turkey badly hit by drought

WEG has supplied eight medium-voltage asynchronous motors, to drive the pumps that transport water to the irrigation canal



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