Social media rules of engagement to change in 2012

Organisations across the UK are failing to make the best use of social media but the next 12 months will see a change in the way business interacts with customers, complaints and commercial opportunities

Integrate Facebook for smart social presence

Bringing Facebook's into your website is the savvy way to use the social network's knowledge base

Less than half see engineering as key to UK economy

Engineering not seen as important function in business; adults see it as useful, but not exciting ; career opportunities in engineering must be promoted

How robots can play a role in Europe's economic recovery

Whilst Europe waits to see how the problems with the Euro will be resolved, there is a technology that could help Europe to recover from the recession, and that is robotics. Jon Severn discussed this with Dr Shinsuke Sakakibara, the President of the International Federation of Robotics

Fewer than one fifth of IT pros are women

The IT Job Board calls for more women to pursue tech careers on International Women's Day

Accidents will happen?

Research reveals personality factors that lead to accident proneness


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Your Career


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