Healthcare connectors for medical electronics

Healthcare devices and systems rely on the robust design and performance of their electronics. Serge Buechli reports

Sensors measure laser power and energy

Ophir Photonics Group introduces BeamTrack, industry's first laser power/position/size sensors

High resolution 3D imaging and analysis

New DualBeam can be configured for a variety of application requirements

Book provides detailed information on torque measurement technology

HBM’s Measuring Torque Correctly gives a clear overview of all essential aspects of using torque transducers

Rugged transmitters offer pressures up to 6000 bar

Engineers can take out sensor drift or any residual pressures in the system

Auto seat positioning/reclining handled by reed technology

John Beigel outlines the reasons why the use reed switch technology is still growing

Setting the scene for new developments in sensors

Robin Butler examines the series of sensors available in the marketplace and explores the applications in which they can be deployed

Measurement on a huge scale

Flexible laser tracker system helps process large cast and steel components. Andreas Petrosino reports

Taking advantage of open standards to increase OEM product sales

Plants are more cautious about the equipment purchased and integrated into existing systems and customers are demanding more from their solutions. Jack McIntyre reports

Low power and control with one module

Karin Schmid looks at a new platform for the development of new two-in-one applications that integrate control and visualisation on a single hardware platform

Guided wave radar transmitter for liquids

Available with either a rigid or flexible probe depending on the application installation required

Inverter now with safe torque off input

Mitsubishi Electric E700 series suitable for OEMs and end users who have constant or variable torque loads

Cloaking magnetic fields: the first anti-magnet

Controlling magnetic fields with superconductor–metamaterial hybrids

Industrial Ethernet switches for industrial equipment

B and B Electronics Manufacturing Co Inc has expanded its family of industrial Ethernet switches with the ELinx ESW100 series

How machine-to-machine communications benefit suppliers and customers

Manufacturers of everything from cars to factory automation and domestic washing machines are finding that wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communications technologies offer a number of benefits for manufacturers and customers alike. Jon Severn reports on some of the latest developments

3D digitalisation and photogrammetric measuring from a single source

Digitalisation projects can now be handled even more efficiently, says Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH



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