Miniature rotary sensors are sealed to IP68

Contelec's family of angle sensors combine ultra-compact dimensions, ruggedness, precision, resolution and modularity within a single system

Label sensor works with all material types

Lion Precision has used a different sensing technology in its new LRD8200 label sensor so that it can detect all label and liner materials and artwork

Sensor networking provides scope for intelligent control

Connecting sensors to a control system by means of a network offers significant time and cost savings over using traditional hard-wiring. Furthermore, as Alistair Rae reports, integrators and end uses can also benefit from a more intelligent control system and improved performance of the overall process

16mm pushbuttons with enhanced functionality

Allen-Bradley 800B 16mm pushbuttons offer modularity and high quality resulting in less downtime

TFT-LCD module has viewing angle of 170 degrees

Format suitable for applications like video monitors for broadcasting as it requires a smooth conversion from full HD without degradation

Signal conditioner for general purpose laboratory testing

Meggitt Sensing Systems announces global launch of Endevco Three-Channel DC Signal Conditioner

Feasibility analysis added to analogue design optimisation tool

Improved technology parameter, sub-circuit identification and analogue circuit optimisation

Measuring the displacement of hydraulic cylinders

Novel approach to displacement measurement for hydraulic cylinders eliminates need for costly drilling, says Thomas Birchinger

Multi-power supply systems with up to 2kW

Designed for supply of electrical applications from dc mains for different applications in transportation, telecommunications

Compact power entry modules for safe power input

Suitable for use in equipment with limited space and demanding electrical and mechanical requirements

High resolution 3D imaging and analysis

New DualBeam can be configured for a variety of application requirements



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