Digital silicon photomultiplier improves photon counting

Philips has developed a new technology for measuring ultra-low light levels in applications such as medical imaging and diagnostic test instruments

GPS location processor ensures continuous location awareness

CSR's new SiRFstarIV GSD4e GPS location processor features a built-in CPU and SiRF Georecov technology that provides continuous location awareness

High-sensitivity camera for simultaneous dual-wavelength imaging

New form Hamamatsu Photonics is the twin-CCD ORCA-D2 high-sensitivity camera for simultaneous dual-wavelength imaging

Solenoid valves use 'hit and hold' drive technology

Sensortechnics says its new two- and three-way Ten-X solenoid valves consume less power and generate less heat thanks to their 'Hit and Hold' drive electronics

Shuttered duplex LC adapters improve eye protection

Tyco says its new LC adapters feature a slide-on shutter that provides for eye safety but without any need to change the board cutout

Industrial Ethernet firewalls can be configured offline

Hirschmann Eagle20 v4.4 can be used to configure 'virtual' firewall devices and then the configuration can be downloaded to the real hardware on site

UV-curing conformal coating gives long-lasting protection

Master Bond is launching its new UV10LV UV-curing conformal coating for electronic applications requiring protection from moisture, dust, chemicals and heat

USB DAQ module is low-cost and user-friendly

New from Audon Electronics is the DLP-IO20 data acquisition module that benefits from 20 I/O channels

Programmable encoders enable new applications

Programmable resolution saves motion system development time by allowing engineers to try different levels of resolution in their prototype systems

16-channel relay card

EasyDAQ has launched a new range of low cost, general purpose 16-channel relay card OEM products

Lightweight push-pull connectors provide custom solutions

High quality push-pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments. Serge Buechli reports

Wireless data acquisition benefits broad spectrum of applications

Rapid developments in wireless communications and associated technologies - including energy harvesting - are creating new opportunities for everything from process plant optimisation to patient monitoring. Alistair Rae reviews some of the latest products and applications

Three-axis video measuring microscope features high-accuracy Z-axis

Vision Engineering's compact Falcon three-axis video measuring microscope benefits from higher accuracy and repeatability of the Z-axis results

Reducing indexer set-up from hours to minutes

Proprietary software offers drag and drop I/O mapping with built-in oscilloscope for tuning and diagnostics

Digital event recorder with four voltage or volt-free inputs

Audon's new S7841 four-channel digital event recorder can be used with voltage signals or volt-free contacts

Sensor erupts with volcanic data

Torqsense unit is robust enough for arduous fieldwork yet sensitive enough to detect the slightest change in dynamics

Resin colours create new opportunities for LED lighting

A new Expression 2011 palette from Sabic Innovative Plastics contains an exciting spectrum of resin colours and special effects for light emitting diodes (LEDs)

High-performance Ethernet Switch VX3910 for VPX and OpenVPX platforms

28 Gigabit Ethernet ports and comprehensive management features for rugged 3U system designs

Oscilloscopes for production testing, analysis, design and debugging

PicoScope 4000 Series oscilloscopes have two 12-bit input channels with a bandwidth of 50 MHz or 100 MHz

Ethernet switches feature rugged M12 connectors

Garrettcom Europe is launching the 6KM Ethernet switches that feature secure M12 connectors instead of the standard RJ45 type, resulting in greater reliability


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