Securing industrial control systems against threat of cyber infection

We are all aware of the need to protect desktop computers from viruses and other malware, but what about industrial systems? Alistair Rae explains that these are generally less well protected, yet a malicious attack or an infection with malware can have devastating results. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the risks

Torque sensor helps to reduce engine friction

Measures radio frequency waves generated by surface acoustic wave devices fixed to a rotating shaft and converts them to a torque measurement

Hall-effect switches are more repeatable

Allegro Microsystems Europe says its new A1120, A1220 and A1221 Hall-effect switches and latches offer superior switching repeatability

Encoders can replace glass scales

DRO package includes its linear encoders that utilise an inductive technology, namely Spherosyn and Microsyn

Vision sensor boasts enhanced performance

Sick's Inspector I20 2D vision sensor offers higher performance than the company's Inspector I10 model, especially with reflective surfaces

Software simplifies logging of data

Adlink's new AD-Logger software can be used with data acquisition or digitiser cards to log data from a variety of sensors

Ethernet switches benefit from PTP v2 synchronisation

Hirschmann's new Mice PTP modules provide nanosecond synchronisation across entire data networks using Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet

OCR reader handles all characters and all languages

Wenglor's new OCR reader reads all characters in all languages and can be taught new logos, symbols and other patterns using a teach-in procedure

Lasers: variable-focus industrial laser diode modules offer high accuracy

New from Photonic Products is a range of variable-focus industrial laser diode modules that benefit from a boresight accuracy of 0.25 degrees

Black packaged LEDs are sunlight-readable

Osram is introducing the Topled Black series of high-contrast LEDs that have been optimised for display applications

Laser profile sensor is more compact

Micro-Epsilon's new Scancontrol 2710 2D/3D laser profile sensor is more compact than its predecessor and is easier to use thanks to new set-up software

Regulated power supply with LXI-compliant Ethernet interface

A new version of TTI's Powerflex regulated 1200W power supply benefits from new features and an LXI-compliant Ethernet interface as an alternative to GPIB

Flat panel speakers deliver higher-fidelity sound

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute have been working with Sennheiser electronic to develop a new type of flat-panel loudspeaker

Cleaning up incremental encoder signals

The incremental encoder is the most common type used in motion control and measures relative displacement by generating two pulsing signals for every increment step move

Electroactive polymer actuators feature microstructured surface

For more than 50 years the potential for electroactive polymers to be used as artificial muscles has been appreciated, but it is only now that commercialisation appears feasible. Alistair Rae reports on a new development in electroactive polymer actuators

Compact pressure transducers for high-accuracy or industrial applications

New P3IC series pressure transducers from HBM can be used for static and dynamic measurements in the pressure range 10 to 3000 bar

Computer data bus connector is more robust

A new MBF (Micro Bus Floating) connector from ITT is guaranteed for up to 1000 mating cycles - which is in contrast to others that are single-use components

Compact TFT displays benefit from high-performance technologies

Hitachi is launching 7 and 8-inch TFT displays that boast a stable colour image from any viewing angle, excellent colour saturation and a very high contrast ratio

Tedsdongle reduces time required for configuring Teds sensor systems

HBM says its new Tedsdongle saves time when setting up test systems or test configurations involving Teds-compatible sensors


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