Overcoming bearing failures

NSK's Asset Improvement Programme (AIP) has achieved 10-times bearing life

Easy-service rig

Caterpillar's Unit Rig MT4400D AC Mining Truck as part of its ongoing investment in the Unit Rig products acquired through the acquisition of Bucyrus International

Zambia: foreign investment fuels boom

The African state’s current 'rosy' picture is not without its blemishes, as Maurice Jones reports

Software meets modern mining demands

Users can quickly generate grade tonnage curves at varying scales or material classifications

Mining solution offers more sensitive and precise light element analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific is introducing a combination of portable technologies in a single package

Room-and-pillar coal mining equipment

First full fleet of Cat branded underground coal mining equipment goes to work at Armstrong Coal in Kentucky, US

The Arctic Goliath

A mighty monster - Goliath - rules over the Aitik opencast mine in northern Sweden

Mining truck features dynamic retarding capacity

Caterpillar' MT4400D AC will be commercially available in select regions in the second quarter of 2013

UK environmental firm acquires Australian minerals specialists

GSS Environmental advises on around 60 per cent of Australia’s mines

Gold mine officially opened

Loulo-Gounkoto combination in Mali could be one the largest gold mining operations in Africa

Africa’s mining boom offers potential for business aviation market

Holds about 30 per cent of the world’s mineral resources; mining revenue increased by 36 per cent in 2011

SKM bolsters mine closure team

Michael McLeary as Executive Project Manager – Mine Asset Planning

Copper producer selects AVEVA NET

CODELCO chooses AVEVA’s Information Management solution for project execution

Pneumatic multiplier of 300,000Nm output

Produced for the mining application of releasing and re-tightening the gland nut on the rod assembly of hydraulic cylinders

Latest load-haul-dump vehicles unveilled

Includes SCHOPF SFL 60FLP with 6 ton payload and flameproof operations, for low seam coal mines

Developing next generation mining technologies

Rio Tinto and iGATE Corporation announced partnership

Gold: supporting innovative technologies

World Gold Council launches initiative to accelerate the development of emerging technologies utilising gold

Industrial grade TPU for high temperature applications

For heavy-duty engineering equipment, engines and hydraulic systems where working conditions may reach up to 130°C

New truck bed profile benefits mining industry

Some mines in China have over 200 trucks and can achieve huge savings



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