Integrating HPGR into minerals processing circuits

High pressure grinding rolls technology is now widely accepted for multiple hard rock mining

New laser scanner offers up to 1km range

The device is designed for use in large open cast mines

Coping with demand for copper

Rigid haulers are improving productivity at Romanian copper mine

Smart shovel-based solution

How an innovative new payload monitoring system can help to improve fleet productivity

Making haul trucks safer

A new vehicle intervention system is designed to lead to safer mines

Drones head underground

Syed Naeem Ahmed discusses 3D laser scanning and mapping of underground mine cavities with aerial drones

Drones Take Off

Louise Smyth reports on the fast-growing adoption of drones for use in a variety of mining applications

Atlas Copco to invest more in electric technology

The Swedish company seeks one day to go zero-emission for all underground mining equipment

Support network

Install smart and durable pumping systems to keep your operation running safely and efficiently, says John Dean

Failsafe actuators for coal processing

Coal extraction application demonstrates the advantages of electro-hydraulic valve actuation

Meaningful process mineralogy

Simon Isherwood explains why valuable minerals are lost to tails and provides some possible remedies

Next-gen mining motors

Tom Eklof and Peter Svartsjo reveal how advances in low-voltage motors can bring a range of benefits to the mining and minerals industry

'Urban mining' of LEDs

UBC’s urban miners keep LEDs out of landfills

Driving progress in electric vehicles

Vesa Kajander and Teemu Ronkainen discuss how regenerative drives built for rugged mining conditions are enabling the increasing use of electric vehicles and their associated cost savings

Gear oil revolution

The inside story on a specialist that has developed a smart calcium-sulphonate gear programme

Original and best

The negative implications of using replicator spare parts on slurry pumps


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