Spherical plain bearings ensure efficient operation of 50MW solar power plant

The Andasol 1 solar power plant, which went on line in mid-2009, uses a total of 1,248 ELGES hydraulic rod ends from Schaeffler

Price erosion ratchets up competition in solar market

Global installed watts for PV systems will grow by 64 per cent in 2010, reaching 8.3 Gigawatts

Induction bending and cold bending techniques

Providing protective sleeves for the power cables deployed from offshore turbines to the shore

Report describes trends in wind turbine drive technologies

A new report from Frost and Sullivan provides insights into global trends relating to electric drives for wind turbine generators

In search of tomorrow's biofuels

Once seen as the solution for climate change, biofuels have since come under attack because of the use of fertile land to grow core biofuel crops. Now teams are developing biofuels that really could help save the planet

Photovoltaic metallisation solution optimises solar cell manufacturing

DEK Solar to showcase PV3000 at AsiaSolar Energy Photovoltaic Exhibition and Forum

German photovoltaic installations soar by 71 per cent in 2010

Installations will surge by another 43.9 per cent in 2011, according to iSuppli Corp

How feed in tariffs could 'democratise' renewable energy generation

The financial incentives to encourage the generation of renewable energy, both for use and for export back to the grid, are starting to look very attractive. Haydn Scholes reports

Side-agitator technology offers biorefinery improved efficiency and reliability

Innovative side entry agitator technology and a rigorous R and D process have led to side-agitators aiding fermentation at Vivergo Fuels' 27-acre plant

UK’s largest combined heat and power plant achieves first firing

Alstom’s KA26 gas-fired combined cycle plant design is part of multi-billion pound investment programme in the UK

Filters for photovoltaic applications

Installed between the PV inverter and the solar panel, DC filters helps to meet EMC directives in grip-connected installations

Asia Pacific photovoltaic markets expected to grow 85 per cent in 2010

Japanese and Chinese markets at the forefront in the region this year, says Solarbuzz

Bio-ethanol: motors process wheat and beet syrup

WEG technology contributes to the production of sustainable fuel in Europe

Feeding the national grid

The UK's feed-in tariff has been created to provide an incentive for energy producers to invest in renewable energy sources, which are more expensive to produce than traditional fossil fuels

Plant operator looks to clean energy receives

Receipt of Renewable Obligation Certificates incentives boosts UK expansion plans for Energos

Budget 'delivers boost for UK engineers'

Picture is particularly positive for engineers working in renewable energy, say engineering recruitment specialists

Quality assurance of wind turbines using displacement sensors

The use of modern testing methods for wind turbines provides high quality and reliable operation. Erich Winkler reports.



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