High-profile accidents refocus inspection and maintenance regimes

A number of high profile explosions in recent times have put renewed emphasis on the inspection and maintenance technologies and regimes used by the oil and gas industry. Eugene McCarthy investigates

Adaptive process control delivers greater profit

While there have been significant benefits over the past 10 years with sustained value tools, they have not been able to solve the whole problem in an integrated, systematic way, says Rob Howard

Flowmeters reduce maintenance and capital costs

Adjusts to variations in fluid properties and make dynamic density measurements not possible with other mass flowmeters

Integrated control and safety solutions aid optimum reservoir recovery

Demand for modern, integrated control systems is being fuelled by investments as diverse as floating production, storage and offloading vessels and petrochemical complexes

Intelligent IR Windows technology boosts safety

Thermographers urged to log onto free CorDEX Instruments' IR Window webinars

Critical flow measurement technologies

Flow measurement is a critical part of oil and gas operations, from quality control to fiscal metering. Here Eugene McCarthy looks at the latest metering technologies on offer

Fiscal metering solution helps operations reduce costs

Improves control performance, meet requirements for carbon emissions reporting

Flowmeters cut oil platform costs

Meters form part of a chemical injection metering skid system to be installed in drilling and production platform located offshore Angola

Hydrostatic level sensor for saltwater applications

Waterpilot FMX167 rope probe is specially designed for use in saltwater and is suitable for applications on ships such as ballast water tanks

Research will aid oil industry in cost cutting

Cambridge University is helping to develop technology for positive displacement flow meters capable of measuring flow rates below 0.003 litres per hour

Maximising oil field pumping operation

Protect and care of the machine is a key issue, using the appropriate electric control and protection device to avoid mechanical stress and electrical problems

Gas turbines for liquefied natural gas

University is collaborating with Royal Dutch Shell in a project which looks at equipment selection for a liquefied natural gas plant

How lagging impacts on temperature measurement

Ali Niazi and Dr Sarah Kimpton examine the impact of thermal lagging on temperature measurement for fiscal/custody transfer metering systems

Sulphur in auto oils and fuels: monitoring to global standards

Taco van der Maten outlines a new technology that is making it easier to ensure compliance with the relevant standards for sulphur in automotive fuels

Ethernet routing switch for extreme environments

Initially developed for bespoke mission critical applications in the defence, rail, aerospace and sub-sea markets

Calibration offshore improved with decade boxes

RBB series features a re-engineered lightweight case designed for high impact resistance and protection

Valve positioners suitable for SIL 2 applications

Siemens believes its new Sitrans VP300 valve positioner is the first on the market to offer SIL-certified partial stroke testing

Independent selection and test of corrosion inhibitors

Integrity management has become a vital aspect of all oil and gas facilities design and operation. Dr Tim Illson explains



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