Wireless developments boost productivity and plant security

Flexible and reliable field wireless systems are not only being used to improve productivity but, as Sean Ottewell finds, also to ensure plant security

Benefits of wireless reach a wider audience

The importance of wireless communication continues to grow as its health, safety and cost benefits gain wider appreciation, Sean Ottewell reports

Streamlining communications systems

Erik Dellinger describes how one oil and gas company revamped its entire communication structure to achieve improved performance

Benefits of wireless technology secure investment

The use of wireless technology continues to grow as its benefits in terms of energy saving, cost-effectiveness and reliability become more widely appreciated. Sean Ottewell investigates

Bitumen companies go wireless to monitor production facilities

Bitumen often poses storage and handling problems. Here, Sean Ottewell reports on two Australian companies who are tackling these by turning to wireless communication solutions

Simplify hydrocarbon allocation and production reporting

Traditional production reporting and hydrocarbon allocation systems have time, cost and security drawbacks. Sean Ottewell reports on a solution which overcomes these problem

Plant controlled by automation system with integrated telecoms

Plant will be controlled by ABB Extended Automation System 800xA and integrated with the telecoms systems

ABB and Statoil sign $2m framework agreement

Three year agreement for modification and maintenance of telecommunications systems

Satellite connectivity for rig

Marlink provides Sealink to Atlantic Oilfield Services oil and gas support unit

Communications support rapid decision making in remote locations

Communications systems often have to operate in remote, dangerous situations, but the latest solutions not only improve processing, but also speed up response to natural or medical emergencies. Sean Ottewell reports

Information integrity management

New AVEVA business paper outlines information integrity management for owner-operators in the oil and gas, power industries

Wireless technologies reduce costs and cut operational risk

Wireless subsea cameras, a smart wireless network linking wells, rigs and drilling units, and an ultrasonic scanner on flexible risers are among the latest wireless innovations on offer. Sean Ottewell reports

Digital and wireless solutions dominate market

Digital and wireless monitoring solutions are dominating today's oil and gas industry, driven by rapid advances in speed and durability. Sean Ottewell reports


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