Clever connectivity

Olmo Castaneira Rios and Davinder Harcharan Singh describe how rugged and reliable communications tools enable oil and gas exploration

Connectivity in the field

Volker Jarsch on enabling communications providers for new connectivity services

Compact, multiband transceiver for industrial telemetry

Modules are surface mountable, taking up minimal area with the relatively small height

Satellite solutions get cost-competitive

Bryan Young reports on how oil and gas, pipeline and remote data monitoring are seeing dramatic increases in speeds and capacity at a greatly reduced cost thanks to a breakthrough in satellite technology

Remote broadband technology deployed

Now being provided between rigs and vessels and onshore facilities

Remote control

Dave Hammond presents a remote access condition monitoring solution for marine gensets

Remote control

Dave Hammond presents a remote access condition monitoring solution for marine gensets

Smart approach to communications

Private corporate networks: ensuring secure and efficient performance. By Volker Jarsch

Vessel leak sealed without hot work or drainage

Belzona SuperWrap II saves failing seawater filter vessel. By Tom Belli

Panel PC takes the heat

Moxa EXPC-1519 suitable for system control, operation, and monitoring in harsh, hot outdoor oil and gas fields and drilling platforms

A targeted approach

Milijan Mudrinic reveals the best practice with regard to offshore oil platform targets

Overcoming the challenge of poor internet connectivity at remote sites

Data replication ensures optimum quality of service all the way to the edge of the enterprise where connectivity is intermittent or limited, says Steve Driver

High-speed connectivity helps to optimise energy plant performance

Faster, more reliable communication systems are bringing high-speed connectivity to the oil and gas industry - and improving personnel and plant safety too. Sean Ottewell reports

Remote communications for exploration and production

Exploration and drilling are highly challenging tasks and need reliable, always available communications, often outside the reach of terrestrial communication networks. Volker Jarsch reports

Wireless technology delivers track-and-trace

For real-time information, both about plant operation and personnel safety, wireless technology is at the heart of new communications developments. Sean Ottewell reports

Mission-critical oil and gas communication networks

Oil and gas communications networks are mission critical, but often must be deployed at offshore oil fields in an environment with severe hazards and challenges. Stefan Palm reports


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