Liberating graphene and graphite

Industrial scale production of functionalised graphitic carbon nanomaterials

Pre-compounds take the heat

Vamac VMX5000 raises the performance of AEM in seals and gaskets, air management systems and high-temperature coolant hose applications

PZT materials withstand deep sea pressures

A pressure of 27,000psi (1,862bar) was applied to each ceramic type - equivalent to a depth of 18,500m underwater

Resin creates diffused lighting effect for LEDs

Protective and decorative polyurethane resins will be of particular interest to LED lighting manufacturers

Pure industrial chemicals by gasifying lignocellulosic biomass

Demand has grown rapidly for chemicals generated from renewable sources, creating a need for alternative, environmentally friendly production routes

Polyols for high-performance sustainable polyurethanes

All four new high performance polyols are liquids at room temperature with improved solubility, enabling formulators to reduce or even eliminate the use of solvents

Fast-cure PU polyurethane

Cures extremely quickly and allows the production of high heat stable modelling, tooling and rapid prototyping boards

Recycling plastic scrap

Tailor-made plastic washing plant optimises throughput, product quality and operating cost

Testing composites more efficiently

The increased need for using lightweight materials in a variety of products and parts has accelerated the amount and type of tests performed on composite materials

Making sense of real-time load measurement

The handling of dry bulk materials used to be a completely manual process, but it is now being increasingly automated in a drive to reduce both the costs and the risks of injury, while also increasing throughput and accuracy

Polyimide resin for high temperature applications

Resin is primarily intended for use in Resin Transfer Moulding of composite parts for the aerospace industry

Fighting friction with chemistry and innovation

How nanotechnology is being used to create commercial lube additives

Understanding materials an important factor in process success

For chemical companies to be able to store, move and process their materials effectively, an understanding of each material's particle characteristics is essential

Polymer remains transparent after repeated sterilisation

TPX is suitable for use in food containers, sterilisation cases, laboratory equipment, LED moulds

Sonar breakthrough for piezoelectric ceramic blocks

Morgan Advanced Materials can now press, fire and machine blocks and other shapes of components up to a thickness of 45mm

Accurate analysis of carbon fibre composites

Carbon fibre analysis is of great interest to developers of products that benefit from the unique strength to weight ratio and rigidity of carbon fibre reinforced materials

Single rod live-line capacitor assemblies

Built into capacitor divider circuits which are connected to medium system voltage lines where they are used to sense the presence of voltage



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