Low-noise data acquisition system

High performance, high throughput system designed to support the most challenging electrophysiology research

Easy flash testing of PCBs during the initial production stages

PCB manufacturers can take advantage of a fast, reliable and safe solution to meet the growing demand for flash/HIPOT tested (2kV) unpopulated boards

Demonstration unit for high bandwidth, single core 12 bit 1.5GSps ADC

e2v's EV12AS200 reduces the R and D costs, design time and design risks for GSPS-speed data acquisition systems

MultiSlave Emulator: Powerful development and test tool for sercos

A user-friendly interface supports the emulation of complete sercos networks and their connected sercos slave devices

Low-cost 50A current transducers improve on shunt measurement techniques

Open Loop Hall-effect devices measure up to 50ARMS AC, DC or pulsed current; fast response time and high accuracy, with low offset and gain drifts

Wireless temperature logging data acquisition

WiFi-501-TP is a battery-powered device and, when configured using typical sampling periods (eg once every 60 seconds), the sensor will operate for over one year

Hand-held wire crimp pull-force tester

Provides an easy-to-use and low-cost solution for accurately verifying crimp quality in the field

Temperature monitoring system supports rugged analogue communication

Highly reliable, versatile MI3 temperature measurement now with four analogue signal outputs

Reverberation chambers: the modern EMC test environment

Models RVC XS and 2XS provide high performance in a portable, compact RF test chamber

Low-cost means of torque measurement

RDP Electronics is promoting the use of load cells and torque arms as an economical way to measure torque

Test tweezers ease electronics diagnosis

Quick-Test Tweezers simplify quality assurance inspections of incoming circuit boards or loose components, as well as troubleshooting

Dual encoder to USB converter allows PC access to encoder data

Suitable for system setup and debugging, data acquisition, analysis, monitoring and PC based control applications, says BEI Industrial Encoders

Test system for conducted and radiated immunity

Teseq NSG 4070 offers test frequency range, from 9kHz to 1GHz and its modular set-up, make it suitable for a wide variety of test applications

LVDTs suit applications requiring high-frequency response

RDP Electronics says that its LVDTs are able to respond to mechanical oscillations at up to 1kHz and have a lifetime that is effectively infinite

Universal data acquisition system with new analogue output interface

MX878 module for the QuantumX system provides a total of eight analogue voltage outputs and local intelligence

Labview 2010 gains new user-requested features

National Instruments says that its latest version of Labview features many features requested by customers, plus an enhanced compiler enables code to run faster



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