Waveform monitors meet 4K needs

WFM8200 and WFM8300 waveform monitors and WVR8200 and WVR8300 rasterisers can perform a broad range of 4K measurements

All-in-one digital multi-meters

All-in-one digital multi-meters with power supply functionality introduced to market by test and measurement equipment expert

First VPX GSM monitoring receiver

Full global system for mobile communications spectrum monitoring targets homeland security, government and military applications

Exploring peak data rates of 10Gbit/s

National Instruments teams up with Nokia for high speed 5G wireless

High-performance entry-level laser scanner introduced

Leica Geosystems has announced the launch of its latest 3D laser scanner, the ScanStation P15, which is designed to be the ideal entry into the world of 3D laser scanning

Digital predistortion option shortens test time

Predistortion can extend the operating range of amplifiers but determining the right correction factors has always been a time-consuming process

Dynamic load testing for design validation

Mars Labs has introduced the Titan CPU Expander for its modular DAQ system

Oscilloscope's spectrum analyser performance enhanced

New MDO4000B Series with SignalVu-PC offers widest bandwidth vector signal analyser for advanced modulation analysis, says Tektronix

Laser calibration data analysis software brings new levels of functionality

XCal-View software is an all new laser data analysis package for use with data captured from the XL-80, ML10 laser calibration systems and XR20-W rotary axis calibrator

100G electrical test portfolio expanded

First multi-function 32Gbps linear equalisers; enhancements to multi-channel BERTs for receiver test; will release automated compliance test suite for CEI-28G-VSR transmitter test

Instrumentation monitoring software

New mapping functionality enables rich graphical display for Mantracourt's latest T24LOG100 data logging software

Automated testing of embedded software

The new version 3.0.22 of TESSY, the tool for automated unit/module/integration testing of embedded software, supports now microcontrollers of the Belgian chip manufacturer Melexis

Source measure unit instrument with an interactive touchscreen display

Combines capabilities of IV systems, curve tracers and semiconductor analysers at a fraction of their cost

Multiple resistance value measurement

Cropico D05000 series of microhmmeters provides accurate measurement of resistance values for a variety of electrical manufacturing applications

Miniature load cell amplifier used for Antarctic project

Mantracourt load cell technology enables Antarctic research project into atmospheric greenhouse gases, sea level and temperature change

More dynamic range and measurement speed in the microwave range

Rohde & Schwarz adds models up to 20GHz and 40GHz to its R&S ZNB network analyser family

Chokes test appliance switches to international standards

REO has designed and manufactured chokes for testing switches in domestic applications to the international BS EN 61058-2-1 and BS EN 60669-2-1 standards

Amplifier operates from 10kHz to 400MHz

TESEQ broadband amplifier line offers low distortion, high reliability



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