Inline PCB inspection system with 3D inspection capability

Nine megapixel colour camera imaging technology offers high-speed PCB inspection

New surface and surface interface diagnostic systems

Designed to work with many sample types including metallurgical thin films, coatings, solar cells, and semiconductors

Ultra low power, step-up, micro DC/DC converter with integrated coil

Able and efficient power supply circuit can be configured by simply adding only two ceramic capacitors externally thereby contributing to PCB space saving

ARM-based DHCOM and picoITX gives more flexibility in embedded development

A simple to use and flexible extension interface allows for easy incorporation of extras, such as a display with touch screen or an expansion board

Cases for small and non-standardised PCBs

Removable front and rear elements give easy access to the electronics, says maker

Software radio chip moves to CMOS

Lime Microsystems, the inventor of the field programmable RF (FPRF) concept, has moved to CMOS process technology for its second generation software radio. Nick Flaherty reports

Low-temperature cure/snap cure conductive adhesive

Designed for die-attach applications in smart cards, circuit assembly, photonics or camera modules

System on chip brings lower power to 3U CompactPCI

Board delivers three times higher graphics performance compared to previous Intel Atom processor-based designs coupled with a low thermal design power value. Nick Flaherty reports

Advanced dual-cure conformal coating

Formulated to flow underneath components on printed circuit boards and cure in these shadowed areas by using ambient moisture

Standalone infrared linescanning system

An infrared point sensor scans moving processes via a rotating mirror, creating high-precision thermal images

Intel’s Haswell processor emerges on embedded boards

Embedded board makers have been moving over to the fourth generation microprocessor from Intel which was released last month. Nick Flaherty reports

Development board allows developers to quickly build microcontroller circuits

Protostack's custom designed 40 Pin AVR Development Board offers features to speed up the microcontroller prototyping process

Integrated RF tuning ICs

Latest DuNE DTCs improve RF performance in RFID, military radio, test and measurement, M2M, and wireless infrastructure designs

Integrated flyback controllers with rich protection circuitry

Fairchild Semiconductor's 2-in-1 power switch package solution provides higher efficiency and system reliability

Advances in high precision trace moisture measurement

Trials of new high sensitivity moisture transmitters measuring trace water content have demonstrated high precision and stability at the sub ppm levels

Semiconductor silicon revenue $303bn in 2012

Semiconductor silicon revenue closed 2012 at $303 billion

Equipment maker targets printed electronics

A Finnish maker of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment is aiming for flexible, printed PCBs using its technology. Nick Flaherty reports

PCB tools aim to make life easier for the designer

Some recent key updates to design tools are making life easier for PCB designers. Nick Flaherty reports



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