Latin American television market goes flat panel

The rise of LCD TV sales will drive the overall Latin American television market, which will expand at a faster rate than the global TV business, despite a near-term downturn

Excess stockpiles to cut chip industry growth

iSuppli projects that in the fourth quarter of 2008, excess semiconductor inventories could balloon up to $10.2 billion in value

Broad downturn expected for semiconductor industry

The 2009 decline in electronics sales will be broad based and will impact every end market according to iSuppli Corp

Alcohol-free range of silicon sealants

Suitable for bonding, fixing, sealing, coating or potting of electrical and electronics parts, also in sealing connectors

A slippery slope for contract manufacturers

Global contract manufacturing industry revenue expected to decrease by 9.9 per cent during 2009 with revenues of $270.8bn, compared with $300.7bn in 2008.

Even Samsung gets stung by DRAM downturn

With shipments flat and prices dropping, market revenue amounted to $4.2bn in the fourth quarter, falling well short of iSuppli’s forecast of $5.8bn

UV curing system uses high-power LEDs

Hamamatsu Photonics says its LC-L2 UV curing systems use higher-powered LEDs, need less maintenance and are more compact than previous models

Direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporisers offer improved performance

Brooks Instrument says its new direct liquid injection vaporisers generate chemically pure vapour that is free of decomposition by-products and liquid carry-over

Ethernet connectors are compact alternative to RJ 45

Tyco Electronics says its new RJ point five Ethernet connector system occupies about half the space of an RJ 45 equivalent

Aqueous cleaning solution designed with a pH neutral formulation

Kyzen Corporation announces precision cleaning products for the electronics and high-technology manufacturing operations

PC market hits record growth

Asian original equipment manufacturers surge as Acer closes fap with HP, says iSuppli Corp

Solder jet printer eliminates the need for stencils

MYDATA’s MY500 ensures total control of solder paste deposition on a pad-by-pad basis

Pure CVD silicon carbide wafer carriers

Significantly improves yield in production of high brightness LEDs, says Morgan Technical Ceramics

Cable guide caters for high-speed, multi-turn twisting

Igus is launching the Twisterband TB30 that can twist through 3000 degrees at a maximum angular rate of 720 degrees per second

Semiconductor offers linear broadband MOSFET array

PE4141 features low conversion loss of 5.8dB, high linearity at 25dBm, and isolation of 44dB at 100MHz


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