Automated solder paste inspection system features new sensor technology

Mek Europe BV's Model S1 mkII features second generation sensor technology that enables simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection

Conductive adhesive for solder replacement applications

Adhesive has an optimised rheology for screen printing and can be needle dispensed by time-pressure, auger or positive displacement

Semi-aqueous solvent blend removes difficult flux and paste residues

Including lead-free, rosin, no-clean, and tacky flux from wafer bumps found in flip chip, chip scale and microBGA packages

Raspberry Pi now has metallic blue ABS plastic enclosure

US enclosure manufacturer Polycase has launched an affordable ABS plastic enclosure for the credit-card sized Raspberry Pi computer

Plastic enclosure that protects a board while providing easy access

NicK Flaherty reports on a plastic enclosure for the KL25Z Freescale Freedom Development Platform

Processor and chassis provide 10GbE throughput

CompactPCI Serial Mesh (based on PICMG 2.20) performance increases for data-intensive, high-performance applications

Chassis targets research community

MicroTCA specialist VadaTech has launched a new high power chassis aimed at the needs of the research community. Nick Flaherty reports

Speed up the collection and analysis of test data

Cloud-hosted software provides fabless manufacturers with full transparency into semiconductor manufacturing and test processes

Manufacturing concept speeds connector delivery

Short-term delivery of multiple versions in pin numbers from 12 to 140 and different heights

Fast drying aqueous-based cleaner

Kyzen E5615 removes unreflowed solder paste from stencils and other related equipment

Pulse plating process for board fab

Process is applied particularly to BGA and WLCSPs as well as for vertical probe applications

Computed tomography for electronics manufacture quality control

Cost-effective method of carrying out 3D failure analysis for more complex geometry electronic assemblies

Wireless USB for portable devices?

Low-cost chipsets can be produced for $5, wireless USB has a promising future in portable electronic devices, says report

HDTVs to grow to 241.2m units by 2012

In 2008, HDTVs overtook standard definition televisions as the leading TV shipped globally. The technology shows no signs of slowing in the next five years either

Pressure gauge for ultra-pure gas applications

Application range include the semiconductor and flat panel industries, gas distribution systems, and units for medical gases

New pad conditioners for 32 nanometer wafer fabrication

Higher material removal rate on blanket copper wafers compared to conventional pad conditioners

System cut costs and time-to-market for base station

HiperMAX base station offers both fixed and mobile WiMAX capabilities including a software-only upgrade for carriers who have already deployed the former solution


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