Battery-free RFID voltage level monitoring tag

Reading distance for the battery-free thermistor tag is around 1.5 metres (5 feet) and it can be embedded in a wide variety of materials such as plastics or concrete

Rack case helps improve codec

Veroshield rack case has typical attenuation figures in excess of 110dB up to 10 MHz, falling linearly to 40dB at 1GHz

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Internet of Things module

Rugged ODIN-W160 supports dual-band Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth for reliable connectivity

Worldwide reception for digital radio receiver in chip scale packaging

Silicon Labs has added new options for AM HD and DAB radio to its Si468x digital radio IC family that also uses chip scale packaging

Precision timing module for cellular networks

LEA-M8F leverages GNSS satellites with other clock sources to ensure base stations stay in-sync

New 100G transimpedance amplifier for optical networking systems

28-Gbps, four-channel device offers 100G data rates and fast processing

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Internet of Things module

Rugged ODIN-W160 supports dual-band Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth for reliable connectivity

COTS fail-safe system for SIL4 train control and rail signalling

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has launched one of the first embedded computing systems to use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components to create a fail-safe computing platform. Nick Flaherty reports

Data modem cards

GTT Europe has combined a miniPCIe card with LTE & 3G Cinterion modules.

Staying connected in hazardous areas

Range of hazardous area media converters for fibre optic Ethernet

Industry 4.0: rise of the machines

Industry 4.0 will ultimately represent a significant evolution in manufacturing and industry

Protecting lone workers

SBES develops alarm system specifically for use within data centres, server rooms and communication rooms

New GaN L-Band radar transistor

650W peak power GaN on SiC transistor provides high gain, efficiency and ruggedness

Mobile Training and Technology Centre unveiled

Expert industrial networking advice and training brought directly to the customer

Combining cellular and positioning

Capitalising on the combined business of in-house cellular and positioning technologies u-blox provides advanced solutions for many different applications that require wireless connectivity and/or global positioning

Dark fibre communications research service to power the future internet

Software defined optical network will enable researchers to create vital underpinning communications technologies

Modular chassis options added to Ethernet media converter family

For managing remote and central office fibre network connections, says B&B Electronics

Communication and monitoring of equipment in remote locations

The Quatro SmartTower is a totally IP based communications system which uses IP cameras and wireless passive detectors



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