Ultra compact global 3G/2G cellular module suitable for tracking and IoT

Constrains BOM cost and logistics complexity by selecting single 3G/2G module


AMC-D24AF4-RF2 is a highly integrated AMC card with two wideband RF transceiver channels

Improving mobile phone acoustics

Membrane rapidly and reliably equalises pressure differentials, while remaining virtually impenetrable to water, dirt and debris

Flexible antennas for positioning

Antenova announces two new flexible: Bentoni and Asper antennas are for positioning applications with GNSS and 2.4 – 2.5 GHz applications

GPS/GLONASS receiver platform for low-power devices

High sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver for power sensitive applications such as wearables and sports tracking

3.5GHz-band GaN-HEMTs for 4G mobile-communication base transceiver stations

Designed for use in macro BTS and large numbers of micro cells that mobile network operators are employing to increase the data capacity

Surface mount antenna for LTE, cellular and MIMO systems

Suitable for use in 4G MiFi routers, Femto/Pico base stations, portable devices, remote monitoring, network devices, and wearable devices

The Industrial Internet of Things and leveraging the power of cloud computing

In order to seamlessly integrate industrial data into the Industrial Internet of Things, a new communications platform is needed. Tony Paine identifies the requirements and features of such a platform

Concurrent mode Wi-Fi modules

Suited to provisioning wireless connectivity for a broad range of IoT applications

The wireless connected home

Silicon Labs has launched a series of reference designs to simplify the development of wireless connectivity in the smart home via the Zigbee and Thread protocols. Nick Flaherty reports

Sub-1GHz wireless solution spans 20km on a coin cell

Texas Instruments has launched a sub-GHz wireless system that an run for up to 20 years on a single cell, and offer a range of up to 20km. Nick Flaherty reports

Secure wireless links in the Internet of Things

Atmel has launched a security platform that enables businesses to assign certified and trusted identities to devices joining the secure Internet of Things. Nick Flaherty reports

Collapsing architecture in infrastructure

There will be 25 million industrial and commercial connected devices in use by 2020. Here, Nick Boughton discusses how greater connectivity is changing infrastructure

Smart IoT gateway

Coral Edge is designed for industrial IoT/M2M applications, using u-blox LTE and GNSS technologies

The challenges of creating the Industrial Internet of Things

The promise of connecting everything within an industrial environment will transform how we manufacture for years to come. The premise for this next industrial evolution is the Industrial Internet of Things, says Tony Paine

Going wireless

Jonathan Wilkins examines the latest trends in wireless machine-to-machine communication, including 6LowPAN

Radio over IP solutions for the emergency services

RoIP connectivity products from TC Communications provide maximum reliability across critical message networks

Bluetooth wireless module suits IoT gateway applications

Alpha Micro has announced the availability of the BL620 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless module from Laird plc

Improving accuracy of business critical data

Helps reduce the risk of material shortages in production, and eliminate human error across the supply chain by automating standard processes

Power testing critical in keeping data centres running

Paul Brickman discusses the reasons behind this rapid growth in the data centre market and how this is a reflection of the critical need for more robust testing


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