Industrial ethernet patch cords

MilesTek launches new Cat5e shielded industrial ethernet patch cords with low-smoke zero-halogen jackets

Expanded probe bandwidth

The new oscilloscope is aimed at the embedded mobile and IoT market

New daisy-chain board connector

The device separates communication terminals into two standalone power and I/O connectors


Cloud research

Embedded development boards to be used for the Internet of Things

Intuitive use makes all the difference

Machines simplify our everyday life in many different ways.

New phase locked oscillators

Aimed at the navigation, surveillance and communication markets, they range from 50 MHz to 6000 MHz

Next generation wide area wireless network gateway launched

The system could be used in a variety of applications from gas distribution to transportation

First LTE Cat M1 modem for Europe

Geolocation and the IoT are target markets

Miniaturised Bluetooth 5.0 module targets the IoT

Target markets include industrial IoT, energy, and home and office automation

New low pass and bandpass SMA coaxial filters

These filters are designed for popular frequency bands in GPS, ISM and RFID systems

Terminal antennas for ISM and cellular bands

Antenova introduces terminal antennas in three designs for numerous applications indoors and outdoors

Wireless telemetry system

Gives farmers and municipalities greater control over irrigation systems

Ultra small RFID tag for wearable and healthcare applications

Can be fitted to metal and non-metal objects, as well as embedded into a wide range of applications

Line extenders enable resilient networks using existing cable infrastructure

The loss of data communication at any point is not an option and therefore network resilience is becoming increasingly important

Expanded IO-Link

Range from addresses demands for data capabilities down to sensor and actuator level

Three chips for 802.11ax wireless ecosystem

Support delivery of simultaneous video, voice, data and IOT services

Module uses interference blocking to boost range

Provide reliable long-range, low-data rate connectivity for industrial IoT applications



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