Deteriorated final settlement tank undergoes major refurbishment

Damage had been caused progressively by the weight of the agitator arm, which is supported by a wheel travelling on a track on the top of the wall

Case study on electric actuators

AUMA electric actuators selected for micropollutant elimination scheme

Flow meter for municipal water disinfection

Suitable for cramped chlorination system equipment areas where other meters fail

Managing water pollution

A specialist service launched to help industrial and commercial sites avoid the devastating environmental and financial consequences of inadequate pollution spill containment

Pump for water quality testing

Constant monitoring of water quality is one of the main responsibilities of water suppliers and environmental authorities

Analyser measures near zero levels of chlorine

Suitable for de-chlorination applications, including municipal water systems and industrial cooling water

M2M communications brings sophistication to the water industry

The ‘Internet of Things’ is coming to the water industry, delivering new levels of data that will enable water companies to control remote assets with increased sophistication and minimise risk, writes Jeremy Shinton

Record swim against flow

Hibbard Inshore has set the record for the longest flooded tunnel inspection against flow

GSM-based autonomous measuring system

Marcel Gautschi reports on an advanced measuring system that features remote data transmission

Airport invests in innovative waste storage tank design

Project aims to improve the treatment of run-off water which can be contaminated with de-icing fluid or glycol, jet fuel and oil

Single grinder replaces three existing grinders

The three grinders were struggling to deliver the required performance and maintenance levels at a large wastewater treatment plant

Taking control: from inlet-to-outlet

In addition to the standard treatment processes, a new water treatment plant includes an automated processing system for removing manganese

Slimline plastic level sensors

Designed for hydrostatic level measurement of wastewater and other aggressive media

Solving vibration issues for large pumps in water treatment plant

Problems with the drivetrains on a number of large pumps had resulted in regular failures and downtime

Wastewater evaporation system

Benefits of wastewater evaporation solution proved in Sweden and now available in the UK

Advanced bioreactors target operating costs

The next generation of bioreactors will offer improved performance for wastewater treatment. Eugene McCarthy reports

Aeration solution to improve water quality

Will help combat thermal stratification and increased levels of iron and manganese, a common issue for reservoirs and lakes during the summer months



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