DuPont turns up the heat at A+A 2015

Live burn tests on the DuPont Thermo-Man and innovative garments providing protection against chemicals, heat and flames

UV disinfection technology – the applications just keep on growing

Gunvinder Bhogal, discusses the myriad applications where ultraviolet technology is now routinely used on a daily basis worldwide

Test rig for flashback arrestors

Device enables up to four different tests: leak-tightness, safety against gas reverse flow, functionality of the pressure-controlled cut-off valve, and validation of the correct gas flow rate

‘Intelligent’ fixed-point gas detector

Minimises the time operators must spend in hazardous areas where they may be exposed to gas hazards

Managing process safety in ageing plants to limit risk

Deteriorating components lead to premature failure and unsafe conditions

Ceiling lamps in metal housings

ECOLUX ceiling light fittings offer explosion protection and corrosion resistance as required

Dispelling the myth of arc-resistant windows

Misconceptions need to be corrected because they present very real safety concerns

Beware dust explosions in bucket elevators

Explosions can occur when a high concentration of dust is present in the atmosphere

Smart supressors

High efficiency explosion suppression of large volumes and elongated vessels

Raising the alarm in extreme conditions

R STAHL’s introduces corrosion-resistant Yodalex Super Series beacon, horn and combination units

Fire suppression in corrosive environments

Tyco DDS system suited to circular, rectangular or irregular ductwork in applications including steel manufacturing, coal power generation, chemical industry and acid processing plant

Mobile fume extractor

Provides filtration of metal particulate fumes, dusts and some gases and can be used where welding and grinding applications take place

Eliminating costly process downtime during maintenance schedules

Test-Tel is a non-invasive tool to check the status of a rupture disc device in situ



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