Seal-less gear pumps

In many chemical applications, the use of magnetic driven pumps can reduce lifecycle costs and minimise the risk of leakage. Dan Roldgaard reports

Positive displacement pumps cut product damage

A gear pump that was damaging products on a confectionary line has been replaced with a positive displacement pump. Sean Ottewell reports

Pneumatic conveying rises to materials handling challenges

Pneumatic conveying is an ideal method of moving materials around sites, between sites and from delivery points. The latest conveyors can even transport material over a mile in distance

Miniature through-hole load cell features USB interface

New from Futek Advanced Sensor Technology is the LTH350 Donut/Thru hole Load Cell that features a USB output option for plug-and-play load monitoring

Sealed grippers are compact and powerful

Schunk is launching new size 240 and 300 DPG-plus two-finger-parallel grippers that are sealed to IP67 for use in harsh environments

Load cells for centre of gravity weighing systems

All standard cells are available with a rated load range from 2tonne to 1000tonne

‘Go Anywhere Conveyor' conveyor for industrial materials handling

Multi-axis Gough Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system suitable for applications requiring gentle handling

Hygienic pneumatic gripper is approved for class 1 cleanrooms

Schunk's new SCG Sterigrip is designed for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory automation and similarly demanding applications

In-cab computer automates weighing

LOAD2000 system will be used for British Sugar and provide a wireless live link between its sites

High-speed chip shooter

The FX-2, from, JUKI supports the centreing and placement of components from 01005 to 33.5 mm square

Flexible screw conveyor for sluggish ingredients

Hapman’s Helix Hi/Lo flexible screw conveyor with optional mass-flow conical hopper for moving sluggish materials in sanitary applications

Digital load cell features network with no junction boxes

Load cell includes predictive diagnostics to keep users continuously informed of their scale’s performance

Hydrolysis-resistant polyurethane for hydrants

Wear-resistant seals and precision mouldings with drinking water approval extend service intervals

Direct-drive servo stage suits industrial applications

Aerotech is introducing a new PRO280LM direct-drive, brushless linear servo motor-driven stage that is suitable for heavy-duty industrial tasks

High-precision machining of aerospace, power generation, pump, valve parts

Heavy-duty HMC series adds new tilt-spindle for 5-axis productivity on aerospace and energy parts

How to make sure a new product goes through the customer's plant

Manufacturing process for a powder or granular material changes can affect the flow of the material through downstream process plants

Factors affecting caking behaviour of powdersa

Caking compromises the value of raw materials and products in many processes

Clutch/brakes use non-contact magnetic technology

Mayr is now offering its Roba-contitorque permanent magnet hysteresis clutch/brake units in a wider range of sizes and torque ratings



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